To understand why this happened and how to avoid "unsafe sex" in the future, of course, necessary.But if it happened, the main concern of women is likely to be the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.It is not necessary to follow unconfirmed supposedly "popular" recipes, brewing some herbs, steam bath and soak in the hot tub.Some even believe that it is necessary to jump from the cabinet.All of this is absolutely not effective and even dangerous ways.It is better to turn to proven medications specifically designed to solve this problem.

means postcoital contraception

For such cases, there is a so-called "emergency contraception" - hormones that prevent pregnancy.The most famous among them are:

- «Postinor";
- «eskapel" (a modern equivale
nt of "Postinor");
- «Ginepriston" or Agesta. "

most "harmless" are considered "Agesta", so if you have a choice, it is better to stay on it."Postinor" - the preparation of the older generation, it is desirable to use it as a last resort.

To prevent pregnancy, you must take any of these funds not later than 72 hours after intercourse.This should be done on an empty stomach, ie,no earlier than 2 hours after a meal.After the drug nor should there for 2 hours.

If you are not near a pharmacy

If unprotected sex occurred, and the ability to immediately acquire the necessary tablet in the next 72 hours, there is no way yet to find a way out is possible.

If you are abroad, try to buy in pharmacies similar drugs.For example, such as Plan B, NorLevo, Levonell.

In an extreme case, can be used as emergency contraception regular birth control pills, only dose they should be much more:

- «Marvelon", "Regevidon", "Miniziston", "Femoden", "Mikrogenon" - 4pills;
- «Non-Ovlon", "Ovidon", "Anovlar", "Bisekurin", "Ovuulen" - 2 tablets
- «Overt", "Mikrolyut", "Eksklyuton" and other so-called mini-pill.Active substance therein is the same as in Formulation "Postinor", but in miniscule quantities, therefore it is necessary to drink 20 of such tablets to achieve the desired contraceptive effect.

should also apply them no later than 72 hours after exposure to 2 admission (interval between administration - 12 hours).

course, means of emergency or postcoital contraception - it's not the drugs that can be used regularly, they are harmful to health.Once they receive a woman may feel nausea, dizziness or headache, pain in the lower abdomen, others feel uncomfortable.Often there and allergic reactions.In addition, the intake of these drugs may cause hormonal failure and impaired reproductive function of the female body.But the use of "emergency pill" - the lesser evil, allowing avoid more serious trouble.