treatment of otitis media is the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics simultaneously with ear drops.Ear drops are divided into three groups: the combined preparations with corticosteroids ("Garazon" "Anauran" "Sofradeks" "Polydex" "Dexon") monopreparations with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory components ("otinum" "Otipaks"), antibacterials("Otofa" "Normaks" "Tsipromed" "Fugentin").A suitable preparation should choose a doctor.
Drops "Anauran" prescribed for the purpose of treatment of acute and chronic otitis externa, otitis media.In adults, they are used by 5 drops of 2 times a day in children - 3 drops 3 times a day.By means of side effects include peeling of the skin ear canal, itching and burning.He was not used in pregnant and lactating women.
Ear drops "Sofradeks" have strong antibacterial, a
nti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect.In otitis middle ear prescribers 3 drops four times a day.Side effects appear as allergic reactions (itching and burning in the ear canal).The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, newborns, patients with hepatic and renal insufficiency.
«Otipaks" has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.The drug is indicated for the treatment of otitis media in the early stages.It can be used in pregnant women and infants.Side effects are manifested in the form of allergic reactions.Drops "otinum" is prescribed for inflammation of the middle ear.The tool is used 3 times a day for 3 drops."Otinum" cause allergies only in rare cases.The drug is contraindicated in patients with defects of the eardrum.
«Normaks" has a broad antibacterial spectrum of action, it can be used for the treatment of purulent, chronic otitis media, otitis externa.Side effects include itching and burning skin rash.In chronic and acute pathological processes in the middle ear drops are often prescribed "Otofa."The drug has a broad spectrum of action and can be used in case of damage and the eardrum.
«Kandibiotik" used in middle and otitis externa.Its structure other than antibiotics (chloramphenicol, beclomethasone dipropionate) include antifungal component (clotrimazole).The drug may produce allergic reactions."Kandibiotik" is not prescribed to pregnant and lactating women, children under 6 years.The most effective for the treatment of otitis media are considered a drop of "Otofa", "Normaks", "Kandibiotik", "Otipaks."