Consult your gynecologist before taking "Three Regola."You need to pass a small examination of the genitals and breasts, as the detection of estrogen-dependent tumors can not drink the pill.Just hand over the analysis and hormone levels.Only after that the doctor can prescribe oral contraceptives.
Take the first pill from the pack on the first day of menstruation.If you for some reason forgot to do it, drink it, but no later than the third day after the start of menstruation.Start taking the pill later does not make sense, because contraception can not be considered reliable.After suffering an abortion take a tablet on the same day.
Drink "Three-regolith" daily for 21 days, then make a 7-day break.The sequence of the drug: 6 pink, then 5 white, and then 10 DY tablets.If you are taking medication, and 28 tablets in a blister, then it does not need a break."Three-regolith" produced 2 types: 21 tablets and 28, where the last seven - iron supplementation.
Do not forget to drink daily medication, preferably at the same time.To avoid nausea that can occur the first time, the reception facilities is carried out after a meal.
If you forget to take a pill on time, you can take two at once as soon as you remember, but not later than 24 hours.When missing more than 2 tablets, the drug continue, but use barrier methods of contraception, otherwise there is a risk of conception.
Carefully watch your state of health, especially in the first few months of oral contraceptive.If you feel bad, will be nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, or you grope any sealing in the mammary gland, immediately stop taking the tablets and see a doctor.