Eye drops "Thiotriazoline" regulate metabolic processes, normalizes metabolism and blood circulation in the tissues of the eye, reduced corneal sensitivity, and improve functional capacity throughout the visual system.

Indications "ThiotriazolineĀ»

drug has anti-inflammatory effect, has a strong antioxidant and reparative activity.Drops for eyes "Thiotriazoline" stimulate the enzyme system cells and blood flow to the eyes, reduce the negative impact of free radicals, eliminate symptoms of inflammatory and neuro-trophic processes, improve the regeneration of the cornea and the accommodative muscle activity, improve the condition of the retina.

Indications for use "Thiotriazoline" are inflammatory diseases of the cornea, viral conj
unctivitis, burns and eye injuries.Drops is indicated for the treatment of degenerative diseases of the cornea and prevent eyestrain, dry eye syndrome and certain inflammatory diseases.

Dosing "ThiotriazolineĀ»

Eye drops "Thiotriazoline" must be instilled into the conjunctival sac of adult 2 drops 4 times a day.For children, the drug is used at a lower dose.Usually it is the ophthalmologist selected individually for each child.The duration of treatment is an average of 2 weeks, but may be extended for a month with incomplete recovery of the patient.

When serious and extensive damage to the eye drops "Thiotriazoline" appoint an additional injection of 0.5 ml of 1 time per day, which is administered parabulbarno or podkonyunktivalno.

The drug is also used prophylactically to prevent drying of the eyes when working at the PC.To do this, drip 2 drops "Thiotriazoline" every 2 hours throughout the day.

Eye drops "Thiotriazoline" have no side effects.Contraindication to its use is the increased sensitivity to the individual components of the drug.These droplets do not have a negative impact on the fetus, therefore, approved for treatment of pregnant and lactating women."Thiotriazoline" compatible other drugs.Simultaneous use of the drop and the use of alcohol is not desirable because they enhance each other's action.

Eye Drops "Thiotriazoline" have a shelf life of 2 years.Keep it in a room with an air temperature of less than 25 degrees.Upon opening of the vial drops use is allowed only for 3 days, with storage at temperatures of 4 to 8 degrees.