Cereals - the main source of silicon

highest content of this trace element recorded in cereals.This is especially oats, millet, rice.Then there are buckwheat, corn, rye, barley.Extremely rich in silicon, all bran cereal: rice, oat, millet, wheat.The last - the poorest of these trace element content.Fortunately, now in supermarkets can easily buy bran.It remains only to introduce the product in the daily menu.A good source of silicon can be germinated wheat, oats and rice.But Munk will not contain silicon.

Another product, through which you can partially solve the problem of shortage of silicon in the body, this bean.Peas, chi
ckpeas, beans, lentils, mung bean (mung beans), if you are fond of oriental cuisine.The legumes of silicon are relatively few, but they contain a number of other beneficial trace elements and vitamins, without which it will not be absorbed by silicon.This calcium, potassium, manganese and magnesium.

vegetables rich in silicon

list starts with the classic potato "in uniform".This is followed by a set daily menu of vegetables: beets, carrots, onions, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers.All kinds of cabbage, including cauliflower, kohlrabi, cabbage, Brussels.Herbs and roots: parsley, dill, horseradish, parsnips, celery.Further, turnip, radish, radishes, Jerusalem artichokes, rhubarb, spinach, sorrel, mustard leaves.Especially pay attention to the tops of beets and turnips.They are very helpful, full of a variety of trace elements, including silicon, they can contain more than one vitamin.Of them well-prepared salads, added to vegetable stews.

silicon-rich algae.Other seafood contain silicon in large quantities, but it is a good source for humans.The reason is the presence of animal fats, which interfere with the absorption of this trace element. Meat and fish do not interfere with any origin body replenish silicon.This occurs because of the presence of animal proteins, preventing its absorption.It is worth thinking about the idea of ​​a separate food.

Silicon medicinal herbs, berries and fruits

In spring and summer, the walk through the woods or meadows allow replenish silicon dandelion leaves, nettles, mother and stepmother, horsetail.In the spring of these herbs can be added to salads, and later - to dry and prepare infusions.Useful extracts from the mother and stepmother, lungwort, wheat grass, alfalfa, Knotweed.For example, only the infusion of horsetail will help fill the daily rate of 40-45% silicon. herbal infusions of nettle, horsetail, lungwort, wheat grass or a mixture thereof, wipe the entire body and face.This simple procedure cleanses and rejuvenates the skin.You can prepare the ice for the face of the infusions of herbs.

for replenishment of silicon in the body fit such tasty things as apples and cherries, strawberry and collected in the forest, plums, apricots, bananas, raisins, figs, dates.Also popular delicacy - sunflower seeds.Once started talking about raisins, rightly noted that silicon is contained in the grape wine and apple cider.And in the beer.

how to get water to the silicon

At home, you can get water, our body delivering up to 60% of the daily needs of the trace element silicon.It is enough to find a small mineral opal - chalcedony type.Clean washed mineral is put into the water, can be boiled, purified or spring.Infused water in a cool dark place for several days.Further, it is enough just to drink like ordinary water.A pebble sufficient to replenish the water in the silicon during several years.