treatment tablets and capsules is much more convenient for people than injections and medicine.Medicines and tablets can take a trip and at work, to share, to dose.They do not shed and do not require sterility.The main task - to take them in due time.But there are people for whom swallowing tablets can be a problem.
split large tablet knife on a part of the groove, if there is one.If no grooves, cut it into pieces and crashed in a mortar.
Vitamins, minerals, limestone tablet before swallowing crunching - they do not usually bitter.It is also possible to crack and other drugs, even bitter, e.g., aspirin, analgin, other anesthetics.Do not bite stomach pill with enzymes - they can leave the bile taste in the mouth and act worse.
Prepare a glass of water if tablet or capsule can not be divided because of its absorption characteristics.Such drugs are coated, and should be taken as a whole, to its assimilation started at a specific part of the gastrointestinal tract.
Put tablet on the tongue root and wash down with plenty of water.If the tablet is left in place, push it as far as possible to the esophagus tilting the head back and wash down with water.If you feel that swallowed the tablet is stuck to the upper part of the esophagus, drink enough water or eat some bread.
Do not wash down pills sweet soda water, juices, cocktails, milk.This may hinder their absorption.Never wash down pills with alcohol - alcohol can inhibit the action of the drug substance or cause unpleasant side effects.
Kids pills best grind in a mortar and hide in a small amount of porridge, mashed potatoes or yogurt.Those drugs that are given on an empty stomach, dissolve in a small amount of water, breast milk, or fruit compote.Large capsule children can be divided carefully opened and emptied the contents into a teaspoon.
Remember that you need to take medication on time.If you experience any side effects, talk to your doctor.Did you discharged drug analog or other form of the active ingredient, such as a suspension.Be healthy!