best way to lose weight-Reduxine!


Hello, take the ranks of slimming)) Drink 15 mg for 3 days, the mood is super, so light in body, with a small gorge kol.pischi, Jora like before anymore, today for the first time to easily eat after 1500, only Vodicka, sleep problems are not present, too, by the 23:00 I fall down.I get up and vigorous sleep, and work not peck nose as before to taking the drug.
the first day after administration was a strange sensation, as the already 10:00 and I did not eat, a little dizzy, and ran crawl, dry m

outh was not, becauseI drank a lot of water.On the second day a little shook at work that I forgot about the constant intake of water and began to get a headache, mouth dry, shorter state this was bad as if I pumped caffeine, but later drank a liter of water and everything went))) believe do not believe but on conditionthere was nothing left.

Next to a slimmer body


I'm just in awe of this drug.Reduxine changed my whole life!For 3 months I have changed beyond recognition.I lost 16 kilos, and now my dream has come true - my weight is 50 kg!Side effects were, but still bearable!But what a great result.And I do not need any severe diet!I have several years of struggling with being overweight.Reduxine helped me forget about the delicious pies and other foods is unnecessary!

Stay until late


Reduxine I read on a forum with the theme of weight loss and decided to try.It inspired a whole bunch of positive reviews.A week after treatment began pobochki - insomnia, high blood pressure, weakness, I began to swoon.The product, of course, stopped to take.And now, a month, these side effects do not go away.I've already forgotten about normal sleep, constantly pursues anxiety.The pressure reaches 180/110!Do not take this poison!



When people eventually stop taking all the stuff without consulting a doctor.In pursuit of a slender beautiful body you lose your health.Yes, Reduxine helps to lose weight!But at what cost?What ruined health.This drug has long been prohibited in all countries!and Russian women continue to mutilate themselves!Stop!A healthy diet and active lifestyle - that's your main helpers!

Reduxine helped


Tried Reduxine diet, advised a friend.but of course, I am not an enemy of himself, I went to the doctor for advice.There seems to be a contraindication main - problems with the cardiovascular system, but it has allowed me the doctor.Fully follow the instructions and as a result - minus 4 kg for 3 weeks.In general, I helped.The main thing in this case - smaller amateur and even close to the disaster!

Lose just


drug for people who have no will power, for those who constantly pulls to the fridge.Immediately after the first dose Reduxine feeling of constant hunger disappeared and I began to lose weight in the eyes.Just over 2 months I got rid of 12 kg without exhausting diets.I would recommend!But first, it is desirable to consult a doctor becausethe drug has a lot of contraindications and side effects.

fashionable means of TV shows


first heard about this drug for weight loss - Reduxine - from the popular TV show.I decided to try it - hidden advertising is doing everything to make people buy!I came to the pharmacy to pick what I think will help me.The instruc rochitala description - effect of the drug is based on improving the body's metabolism.After a course of treatment Reduxine result was not very noticeable - just 1kg of weight loss.

Reduxine has many side effects


take this drug in the hope to lose a few extra kilos.Reduxine, indeed, reduces the feeling of hunger, there are not wanted.I have no problem did not eat at night.Lost craving for sweet and starchy foods.During the course, with an initial weight of 66 kg, I lost 63 kg.But I did not like that during treatment, I was irritable, there was tachycardia, disturb itching, a rash on the hands.These side effects are alarming.More unnecessarily this drug, I will not buy.

This medicine !!!


About Reduxine can write endlessly.The main active ingredient - sibutramine.It banned all over the world.Only here you can buy a prescription.But in fact, almost all pharmacies sell under the counter.Side effects are very serious.Mental disorders can lead to suicides.Observed constipation, headaches.The drug is mutagenic properties.His or that can not be used during pregnancy or nursing, you can not get pregnant after three years.I applied Reduxine to destination, plus being a doctor myself.Naturally, all under the strict supervision of specialists and analyzes.Gradually increased the dosage.But pobochka as constipation and headaches was.In the first three months of the weight has not changed, but left much volume.Waist 15 cm!Six months down the weight of 7 kg.Indicators for all individual and depend on metabolism.But sibutramine - a cure!No need to feel your body by a pair, three of unnecessary kilograms.Assign it a BMI above 30, that is, in obesity.In 90% of cases after discontinuation of the drug weight returns.Apply it should not menee3 months and not more than one year.But before you decide to take a desperate step, consult a doctor.