What cough syrups can be used in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Medical experts recommend to avoid taking drugs during the first trimester of pregnancy.Therefore, before using traditional medicines for cough, it is recommended to try a more secure means - drink plenty of liquids.Mild forms of coughing will help to eliminate the hot milk with honey and herbal teas based on peppermint, chamomile, sage and yarrow.However, this method may be effective only in the initial stage.If

win cough still fails, it fails, and becomes more pronounced, you should consult with your doctor about the use of traditional medicines - cough syrups.

For the treatment of dry cough during the firs
t 12 weeks of pregnancy can be used such drugs as "Bronhikum" and "Sinekod."When moist cough doctor may prescribe a woman "Pertussin", "Bromhexine" and "Mukaltin."In this specialist sets the minimum dose necessary to produce a therapeutic effect.

What cough syrups can be used in the second and third trimester of pregnancy?

During the second trimester of pregnancy is permitted to treat a cough drugs such as "Doctor Mom", "Gedeliks", "Linkus" and "Bronchipret."All of the cough syrups are based on herbal ingredients, are therefore considered to be relatively safe.But take them on their own, without consulting a doctor, in any case impossible.Apart from cough syrups specialist may prescribe inhaled, which should be carried out using a nebulizer or special inhalation masks.Recipe for inhalation solution as prescribed by a doctor.

Cough treatment during pregnancy should take place under the supervision of physician and obstetrician.Only a specialist can determine whether a woman needs receiving the drug.Thus, any cough syrup during pregnancy is appointed only if strict indications.

Regarding the duration of treatment should also consult with their physician.As a rule, noticeable relief in the application of herbal cough syrups comes on the first day.The drug can be continued for a further 2-5 days, watching their condition.If the cough after this time has not passed, you should stop taking prescribed drugs and seek medical advice.