Tip 1: How to use "Arbidol"

In the midst of a flu epidemic organism ever need help from outside.As an immunomodulatory and antiviral doctors often they prescribe Arbidol .The drug is well established, and as a remedy to combat the disease, and as a means of prevention.
drug is available in 50 mg and 100 mg.Because of this, it is suitable for different age groups.Most often Arbidol appointed in immunodeficiency, in the treatment of pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections.In children older than two years, the drug is used as an additional case of acute intestinal infections and for the prevention of postoperative complications.
In different situations, assign different dosage Arbidol well.After contact with patients with influenza and other acute respiratory infections as soon as possible to start non-specific prevention.Children under 6 years old should drink one capsule of the drug at a dosage of 50 mg, aged 6 to 12 years are assigned to one capsule Arbidol and 100 mg, but you can replace it with the two lower dose capsules.Persons older than 12 years can receive a lump sum of up to 200 mg.The two-week course, during which daily used one dose of the drug, prevents infection and strengthens the immune system.
If you are not in contact with the flu and acute respiratory disease, but in the city there is a high incidence should take Arbidol as a preventive measure, but according to another scheme.Dosage for all age groups is the same as that in contact with the patient, but in this case the drug is taken twice a week for three weeks.
If you do get sick, appointed therapeutic regimen of medication.In this case, Arbidol taken every 6 hours for five days.The dosage remains the same: to 6 years - 50 mg, from 6 to 12 years - 100 mg, at an older age - 200 mg single dose.
effect of the drug was most pronounced, if you drink it before meals.The capsule is taken as a whole, drinking plenty of water.

Tip 2: How to take "Arbidol" for colds

After the discovery of the mechanism of action of viruses created by a sufficient number of effective antiviral drugs that act on these organisms and destroying their life cycle.One such drug is "Arbidol".
How to receive
This drug has an inhibitory effect on influenza viruses types A and B blocks and prevents them from penetrating into the body's cells.At the same time the drug has immunomodulatory effect - increases the body's resistance to viral diseases, reduces the likelihood of complications and the transition of the inflammatory process in the chronic form.
the treatment of viral pneumonia "Arbidol" is assigned in the complex therapy.Effective this drug and rotavirus infection in these cases is appropriate parallel administration of drugs, immunomodulators "Aflubin", "Immunal."
drug "Arbidol" is available in the form of capsules and tablets.To begin receiving the drug should be in the early stages of the disease when virus activity is high and the body's immune system is not yet able to neutralize it by yourself.
In time begun treatment can significantly shorten the period of illness.To do this, the drug should be taken in a specific pattern.When time begun taking the drug in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases have a positive effect is observed after 2 days.
Ā«Arbidol" can be given to children from 2 years of age.Thus the dosage should not exceed 50 mg x 4 times per day.Children between 6-12 years can take 100 mg x 4 times a day;Adult admission rate of "Arbidol" 200 mg x 4 times a day intervals between doses of the drug should be kept equal.
take "Arbidol" should be before eating, drinking water tablets.Capsules are produced in high dosage, however, if necessary need to recalculate dose reception: the treatment of adult more convenient to use the capsule, and for children - tablets.
If for some reason the drug had to skip, increase the dose is not necessary, it can have unwanted toxic effects on the liver and kidneys.
During pregnancy and lactation, "Arbidol" not recommended to take to avoid the undesirable consequences for the child.For the treatment of SARS is better to use drugs acting directly on the nasal mucosa and pharynx: nasal drops, ointments and sprays.In such cases, the question of taking this drug should be decided by the doctor after weighing the pros and cons.
contraindications to the drug is the idiosyncrasy of its components, cardiovascular disease in severe form, kidney and liver failure.
Helpful Hint
case of overdose "Arbidol" may develop diarrhea, vomiting, headache.In such cases it is necessary to wash out the stomach and take the activated carbon of 1 tablet per 10 kg of patient weight.
Consult an expert before starting therapy Arbidol.In some cases, possible allergic reactions or drug idiosyncrasy.These events require immediate discontinuation of the drug.
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