«Mifepristone" - means used to prepare for the birth at term for emergency contraception after unprotected sex, to terminate an unwanted pregnancy in the early stages without surgery.

This drug is used for medical abortion, which, compared with surgery, is considered more gentle way of abortion.But still, this procedure has a number of contraindications and serious consequences.

Application "mifepristone»

Medical abortion using "Mifepristone" is performed in early pregnancy, up to 7 weeks.The drug is taken in stages several times.Before this gynecologist woman holding ultrasound scan to confirm the pregnancy and to determine its duration.Then take a pregnant smear to identify possible contraindications to the use of the drug.In absence of these, the physician introduces a woman with "mifepristone" and th
e rules of his admission.The drug blocks the hormone progesterone which is responsible for development and maintenance of pregnancy.Pregnant accept it only in the presence of a doctor at the indicated scheme.

«Mifepristone takes effect within a few hours.The woman starts cramping, showing uterine contractions.Then rejected the ovum and begins to bleed heavily.In some cases, women are hard to tolerate such a procedure: they have a diarrhea, headache, nausea.After 2 weeks, a woman comes for a visit to the gynecologist.According to ultrasound the doctor concludes that "Mifepristone" acted effectively, abortion is performed, and the fruit is completely withdrawn.

Benefits "mifepristone»

«Mifepristone" - effective and relatively safe drug, the use of which avoids injury to the oral and cervical cancer, which is especially important for nulliparous women.This drug has a small risk of complications, using it possible to terminate a pregnancy in an outpatient setting.Medical abortion is psychologically easier perceived by patients than surgery.

Despite the fact that abortion is a "Mifepristone" is considered to be gentle, it causes a lot of stress in the female body.The woman is reduced immunity, hormonal rebuilt, there is always the risk of complications.Therefore recommended to patients after the abortion exclude a month sex life, not supercool, carefully observe good personal hygiene, especially sexual organs, in order to avoid infection.