What Constitutes "Theraflu" and "Coldrex┬╗

These are preparations of the complex, combined action, so they contain more of the active substances is paracetamol, aspirin, chlorphenamine, dextromethorphan, ascorbic acid, caffeine or other similar stimulants.

Paracetamol and aspirin removes the headache and reduce the temperature.Chlorphenamine reduces swelling of the nasal mucosa and conjunctiva of the eye, eliminates and suppresses cough, runny nose.Furthermore, it has antihistaminic activity and eliminating the manifestations of an allergic nature.Suppresses coughing and dextromethorphan.Ascorbic acid and some other vitamins that are also included in the composition
of such drugs, enhance immunity and overall resistance to infections and toxins.Stimulating substances are necessary to raise the tone and enhance brain activity.As you can see, the ingredients that make up the "Theraflu" and "Coldrex" provide support to the body in its fight against the virus, but they do have side effects, making them unsafe.

harm drugs "Theraflu" and "Coldrex┬╗

This active ingredient is paracetamol, adversely affect the operation of the internal organs and can cause high blood pressure.Overdose can lead to abnormalities in the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, which manifested as nausea, stomach pain and abdominal pain, dizziness, urinary retention and the appearance of allergic reactions.

antipyretic effect is not always necessary - for fever helps the body cope with the viral infection.Moreover, this should not use aspirin, known for his aggressive influence on organs of the gastrointestinal tract and increases blood clotting.

these drugs are harmful also because some see them as a panacea for colds and believe that they can be used for the treatment of viral diseases.But it is not so - "Theraflu" and "Coldrex" only temporarily relieve the symptoms, but do not have any therapeutic action.The most dangerous thing that their taste is pleasant enough, so some mothers even give their children.And yet, it is indicated for adults and children until they reach 12 years of age it is better not to give.

but adults should use them only when necessary temporary effect, for example, before visiting a responsible event or an important meeting, which simply can not miss.