What hop cones

Hops - a perennial climbing plant, prefers shady places and moist soil rich in humus.It stems (cones) contain a rich set of biologically active ingredients: essential oil, tannins and dyes, organic acids, plant hormones, flavonoids, vitamins, ascorbic acid, micro and macro elements.

For medicinal purposes it is better to collect the cones in the middle of August, when they were not quite ripe and are painted in yellow and green.Dry buds should be protected from the sun well-ventilated area, spreading a thin layer on the fabric. pluck stems need the peduncle length of about 2.5 cm, or when dried they scree.

Benefits hops

From ancient times, hop cones used to make beer and leaven.Bread baked on hops, different pomp and extraordinary flavor and the beer - tar
t bitter taste.To prepare a leaven, a glass of fresh hops need to pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and set for 4 hours in a warm place.Infusion of strain and cool to the temperature of fresh milk.Add 2 tablespoons of sugar and slowly pour as much flour to form a dough consistency of thick cream.The dough is well mixed, wrap a thick cloth and put in a warm place for a few hours for fermentation.

in folk and modern medicine infusions and decoctions cones are used to treat diseases of the genitourinary, cardiovascular and nervous systems, such as bile and diuretic.The essential oil of hops included in the preparations "Urolesan" that helps with cystitis and pyelonephritis, and "Valocordin."

decoction of hops cleanses the blood vessels and thins the blood, extracts used in the treatment of gastritis, tuberculosis, diseases of the joints, insomnia, as well as in dermatology to fight dandruff and acne.The bitter acid humulone and lupulon contained in the stems of hops, produce bactericidal and wound-healing effect.Infusions and decoctions aggregate fruits are part of many cosmetics.Hop cones is recommended to fill the pillow at insomnia.

To prepare a teaspoon of crushed aggregate fruits, pour a glass of boiling water and heated in a water bath for 15 minutes, then cool and strain.Take 50 g 3 times a day 40 minutes before meals with sleep disturbances and increased nervous excitability.For the treatment of wounds and inflammation of the affected area apply gauze pads soaked in the infusion.

Broth hops can wash for getting rid of acne and rinse your hair for the treatment of seborrhea.A tablespoon of aggregate fruits pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and boil for half an hour, then strain.

Hop cones for breast augmentation

believed that ingestion of broth of hop cones or smearing breast essential oil of hops increases breast.The share of truth in that statement is.In the stems of hops contains plant hormone estrogen, which has a harmful overdose effects on the body.As a result of his admission it can increase not only the breast, and the fat layer in the stomach and hips.Sometimes disrupted menstrual cycle, enhanced vaginal discharge. Abuse infusions and decoctions of hop cones can lead to growth of fibroids and fibroids, and uterine bleeding.

harm hops

hops drug overdose can cause nausea, vomiting, headaches, palpitations, allergic reactions.Contraindications to receive them is pregnancy.Insist stems of hops has laktogonny effect, but taking it during breastfeeding should be only after consultation with your doctor.