codeine-based preparations are used as a means of suppressing coughing.In addition, codeine pills can reduce the pain, allowing them to use neuralgia, headache, toothache and other types of pain.

The list of prohibited items for free sale were pills and medicine for cough, "Terpinkod", "Codelac", "kodterpin", "Kodesan", "Kodarin", "Medicine spondylitis," etc., as well as drugswho are able to relieve the pain, "Pentalgin-H," "Sedan-M", "Nurofen Plus", "Kaffetin" etc.

citizens who have taken, are taking or need to accept these medications, may at any time to see a doctor and get a prescription.Special problems
is not a cause.This drug addicts can not acquire the means to codeine in the right quantity, because the recipes will be issued at therapeutic doses, with which it is impossible to obtain euphoria, even taking them at a time.

Substitutes codeine-based drugs are currently quite a lot, but they are very expensive.Create the cheaper analog of codeine is not possible, so if you need therapy should still apply to the therapist.

Only a doctor can decide whether the reception of a drug, prescribe codeine-based tools, or encourage costly substitutes.For example, instead of "Kaffetina" may appoint "Gevadal" instead of "Codelac" - "Stoptusin", "Kodelmiks" can replace "Brustanom", "Pentalgin" - "spazmalgona", "sedan-M" - "tempalgin" and so on.d.

Virtually any agent based on an analogue of codeine has the same effect, but the drugs do not contain codeine and can be released from a network of pharmacies without a prescription.Still, before taking any pharmaceutical agents to get professional advice, as the side effects and contraindications of drugs can vary significantly.