«Alflutop" is a bioactive concentrate from the Black Sea whiting, Black Sea anchovy, sea fish and the Black Sea shad.The active part of the formulation also includes amino acids, polypeptides, mucopolysaccharides, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid, keratan sulfate, magnesium ions, copper, zinc, potassium and sodium.The auxiliary components include phenol and water for injection.The most important are proteoglycans, chondroitin sulfate.The drug is available only as a solution for injection.
«Alflutop" prescribed for degenerative and dystrophic lesions of joints: osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis of the joints of arms and legs, spondylosis, coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, fibromyalgia, parodontopatii, as well as after surgery on the joints.When osteochondrosis, polyosteoarthrosis drug should be administered intramuscularly in an am
ount of 1 ml per day.You must make 20 shots.It is recommended to repeat the course in about 3 months.If the damage of the joints injected with the drug intra, in an amount of 1-2 ml each.Between injections should be an interval of 3-4 days.In the course of therapy need to be done in each affected joint five-six injections.Six months later, repeat the treatment.The most effective combination intraarticular or intramuscular injection.
injections into the joint has to carry a doctor or nurse, as it requires knowledge of anatomy.Injections do in diartrodialnye joints, deep and superficial joint capsule, connective tissue structures.Injection is accurate, if the needle is free to move within the joint.Most of the shots in the wrist and elbow joints perform needle 27 gauge, having a length of 13 mm.For injections into the knee and shoulder joints used needle 21 gauge, having a length of 35 or 38 mm.For injection at the hip joint may need spinal needle.
Some experts do not apply to intra-articular local anesthetic injections, others recommend the use of 2% lidocaine.Common side effects after such injections carry the heartbeat and flushing of the skin.These symptoms can last up to 4 hours.At the beginning of the application of "Alflutop" may be a temporary increase in pain in the joints by activating blood circulation and metabolism.Sometimes there are allergic reactions, myalgia transient irritation at the injection site.