you need
  • - pills for weight loss;
  • - measuring tape;
  • - scales.
Diet Pills in pharmacies can be found a great many, but not all of them are safe.The prescription segment there blockers lipase and centrally acting agents, they are used in the treatment of obesity.The first group includes drugs that are in its composition contain orlistat.It is this substance being blocked intestinal lipase prevents absorption of fat and splitting, removes them from the body unchanged.Examples of such drugs are "Xenical" and "Orsoten".They are appointed only by a physician and sold with a prescription.
sibutramine can act directly on the hunger, when administered accelerated saturation portions when eating greatly reduced."Goldline" and "Slim" contains sibutramine, you need to take them on one
thing in the morning.Usually "Goldline" appoint endocrinologist, but the recipe can prescribe any expert, if he sees the need to use this drug.
more accessible are various dietary supplements with their purchase in a pharmacy does not require a prescription, and for the body, they are more secure.Such preparations will get rid of 5-7 kg.The most effective of these is the drug "Obegrass" with which many women were able to lose weight."Obegrass" contains in its composition fructooligosaccharides that promote normalization of weight, improvement of the digestive process, the normalization of the chair, reduces the blood cholesterol level.
Especially popular among consumers has won a series called "Turboslim."There can be seen the tablets, which are taken even in the daytime and at night.Of course, abuse "Turboslimom" doctors do not recommend, but the exercise and supplement the diet with these drugs is possible.
Among the drugs for weight loss can be found "Reduxine Light".Only now doubt its effectiveness arise many.Consumers say that weight loss even at 1-2 month course does not take place, and is a dietary supplement rather a lot of money.Therefore, in this case, the purchase of "Reduxine Light" is a waste of money.