What is homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathic medicine, in fact, can not be attributed to the drug in the conventional sense, since it lacks a concrete expression of the impact.Thus, homeopathic medicines are not antiseptics, analgesics, bacteriostatic, etc., but they do affect the entire body as a whole, and not on any particular organ or organ system.

Raw material for the manufacture of homeopathic medicines can only be of natural origin - vegetable, animal or mineral that fundamentally distinguishes this group of drugs on drugs traditional medicine.Today there are several thousand names of homeopathic medicines, and the majority of them carried out on the botanical raw materials - flowers, roots, fruits and leaves of a wide variety of plants.Some medicines
in homeopathy produced from animal poisons - for example, snake, bee, spider, etc.

The main advantage of these drugs homeopathy supporters call them full security for the body and the absence of any side effects.The saying "one cure, and another - cripple" is completely loses its relevance.

How are homeopathic medicines?

most common form of manufacture of homeopathic medications - are small granules, pellets of lactose, soaked by the therapeutic agent.An important rule when taking these drugs - they should not take his hands out of the package, you can only spoon, so as not to disturb the purity of the drug.Since the dosage of treating component in the homeopathic preparation is very small, generally preserve the purity of the pellets - one of the main.

Do not take your medication with food, either half an hour before meals or one hour after a meal.If just swallow or chew homeopathic granules, its effectiveness can be completely neutralized in the digestive tract.That is why the drug should it dissolve.

If appointed two homeopathic drug, in any case can not produce their reception at the same time - should take breaks between meals and the second one at least one hour.

Homeopathic drugs more than others are afraid of bright light, moisture and heat.Store should be exclusively in the refrigerator, otherwise the whole effect of the treatment will be reduced to zero.