developers promise to the Chinese diet due to the normalization of metabolic loss of 5 kg of excess weight.The duration of such a diet - three weeks.Moreover, the distribution of the ration is divided into two very "hard" one week and an adapter.

may decide to sit on the Chinese diet only very courageous people, because that is offered during the first week three times a day to eat only one orange and one egg.During the second week of continued execution cereals, cooked in a special way: take any cereals (except semolina and barley), and soak it in water overnight and the next day it can be consumed in any quantity.Millet porridge with pumpkin will bring some variety into your monotonous diet.Just do not overdo it: there should be only if it really wants to.

Those who made it all the same until the end of the second week, expect the so-called "prize": a week of fruits a
nd vegetables in any quantity, boy and fried with a little salt.

During the Chinese need to use a huge amount of liquid - not a day less than a liter.In the first two weeks of drinking green tea and mineral water without gas, and in the third week of exclusively fruit drinks and juices.

In the first two weeks of the diet is prohibited cooked food salt.In the third week may be a bit prisalivaem vegetables.

Developers diet claim that weight, lost during a Chinese diet, do not come back, if then adhere to proper nutrition: iedo not abuse the sweet and starchy foods.

you to decide whether to apply Chinese diet or not, but remember that it is possible to normalize the metabolism of a properly balanced diet and a regular exercise to include in the schedule.Maybe it will take longer than three weeks, but the result will not aggravate the condition and mental health problems (huge amount eaten during the Chinese diet is quite eggs raise cholesterol levels), the problem of excess weight.