stage and grade of obesity

signs of obesity is weight that goes beyond the normal for this height, age and gender.Obesity is determined by measuring the skin fold thickness and calculation of the body mass index.Also overweight patients have other complaints, with the development of obesity have pain in the legs and back, shortness of breath, swelling, dysfunction of the venous system.In severe cases, it develops hypertension and atherosclerosis.

There are several stages and degrees of the disease.Obesity can be a progressive step, in this case, the body weight gradually increased.The extra weight stable stage there, but there is no trend towards further increase.Obesity is 4 degrees.

When one degree higher than normal body weight value by 20-29%, with 2 - weight is more normal to 30-49% at 3 - by 50-99%, with 4 -
100 percent or more.An amount corresponding to the norm, calculated by the formula, with the growth of the (in centimeters) is subtracted number 100. To determine the degree of obesity can be compared to the real with the ideal body weight, which should correspond to the growth and stature of man. degree of obesity as determined by a special table where the ideal body weight based on height, age, sex and body mass index.

obese, their characteristics

The first degree of obesity specific health complaints usually do not occur because the system and the authorities have not subjected to functional and structural changes.Overweight looks like a cosmetic defect, bringing physical and psychological discomfort.

Obesity second degree appear edema, a tendency to varicose veins, impaired lipid metabolism, heart suffers.In children, obesity is the second degree leads to disruption of puberty, the appearance of deformities of the lower limbs and other problems.Excessive body weight increases stress on joints, bones and spine, thus violated function of the musculoskeletal system. first and second stages of obesity tend to progression, so the weight is slowly but steadily increasing.

When third-degree obesity, these problems become much more serious form.It appears chronic fatigue, bad mood and feeling, weakness, sharp decline of forces, nervousness, somnolence, frequent irritability.Patients feel a constant feeling of hunger and thirst, they have nausea, swelling of the face and body, shortness of breath.In the body occur pathological changes of internal organs and systems.

Obesity Grade 4 is quite rare, because patients often die on the previous stage of the disease.Patients have significant limitations of life.