Adrenaline released into the bloodstream in small amounts, is a stimulant of the body in stressful situations.It increases brain activity, enabling a person to instantly make the right decision, increases mental alertness.It is thanks to this hormone, the person is able to cope with such difficulties, which can not overpower under normal conditions.Also, the adrenaline is able to slow down the inflammatory process in the body.
On the other hand, an excess of the hormone increases the level blood pressure contributes to cardiovascular disease.The
refore, most people after suffering severe stress, and as a consequence - the release of adrenaline , ill.Comprehensive measures are needed, reducing the level of adrenaline in the blood.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a major factor.Increased physical activity significantly reduces the level of adrenaline - swimming, running, playing sports, tennis and others.
All methods of psychological relaxation, particularly relaxation, self-hypnosis, yogoterapiya are a great help to the body.Water treatments such as a warm bath, contrast showers, sauna, massage, both water and various devices or masseur - it is also a very effective method of reducing the level of adrenaline .
Favorite hobby, good music, aromatherapy, watching interesting TV programs - also reduce the effects of stress.Many fans of "seize" the stress, but it is a dangerous way to reduce adrenaline , which becomes a habit and can quickly lead to obesity.