you need
  • - elecampane root, marshmallow, herb oregano;
  • - mother and stepmother, marshmallow, herb oregano;
  • - marshmallow, licorice, fennel fruit;
  • - thyme, linden blossom, grass knotweed, nettles, peppermint and sweet clover, elderberry leaves, raspberry and mother and stepmother.
Remember that even herbal medicine - a drug, only plant-based.And any plant could be a potential allergen.So before you start taking any of the thoracic fees, check with the composition and consult your doctor.This applies particularly to the treatment of pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children.
Carefully read the instructions for use.Some doctors are ambi
valent about the use of infants charges, such as during pregnancy.Pay attention to the composition of the grass and take it into account in each case.So, oregano, part of some nursing duties, may contribute to uterine contractions, and sometimes provoke bleeding.Licorice, which is almost always added to expectorants teas, a delay in the body fluid, which is very dangerous for pregnant women.It is undesirable to use moms and mint, which is also included in the fees.
you can cook yourself in the breast gathering different combinations of herbs.For example, take two parts marshmallow root, and elecampane, one part marjoram.Or two leaves mother and stepmother, and marshmallow root, one part oregano.Next collection: two parts marshmallow root and licorice, one of the fruits of fennel.
pneumonia will collect a chest (under Art. Spoon of each ingredient): thyme, linden blossom, grass knotweed, nettles, peppermint and sweet clover, and leaves elderberry, raspberry and mother-and-stepmother.Boil a tablespoon of this collection in a glass of water, let stand for 20 minutes in a thermos.Happy to make the broth a little bit, and before bedtime drink a glass.
cough is very effective collection №4, it quickly slows down the inflammatory process.Drink chest collection as follows: 10 g of dried herbs, pour in the dish (ovenproof).After adding one cup of boiling water keep the collection in a water bath 25 minutes and then leave for about 45 minutes.Pass through a sieve ready to collect and squeeze through cheesecloth, add the water as much again to get a glass.Take third cup three times a day for two to three weeks.Before each receiving breast collection is well mixed.