Pain in patients suffering from oncology

Pain may occur as a result of the disease itself, and because of the treatment process.Gradation of pain depends on several factors.

Firstly, on the pain threshold of the patient.The higher it is, the less pain.A person suffering from cancer can feel discomfort, fatigue.But it does not feel much pain because of the fact that a high pain threshold.

Secondly, pain depends on the stage of cancer.Especially painful 4th stage, which is not treatable.Then, the patient simply trying to stop the pain, that is, to remove it as much as possible.

Thirdly, pain depends on the location of the tumor and the location of developing metastases.If the tumor is close to the nerve e
ndings, then it starts to compress them as a consequence of his nervous system meets the standard reaction - pain.Distributed by this symptom in patients with colon cancer.Pain occur as a result of obstruction.

also on pain affect age, sex, stress, previous disease.

Pain can be acute or chronic.Also, there are cases of phantom pain in people cured of cancer.

Treatment involves a two types of therapy: medication and dosage.

Medications for pain

The type of pain depends on the treatment.If the pain is chronic, the patient is discharged, first weak narcotic painkillers.And if that does not help, connect and narcotic drugs.

If the pain is severe, the relief of it occurs in the "aggressive" form, from a strong and weak finishing preparations.

first group of analgesics - narcotic drugs.These include Analgin, Ibuprofen, Nurofen, paracetamol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.As a rule, when buying the majority of painkillers do not require a doctor's prescription.But before taking absolutely necessary to consult a specialist.

second group - narcotic drugs.Morphine, codeine, Percocet, and other tiloks.It's more powerful drugs.You can get them for free, if you have a prescription.

As a prescription for painkillers

to get a prescription, the patient should initially go onkodispanser to confirm the disease.Next, the doctor prescribes medication to help stop pain.It is necessary to immediately make a reservation, that the appointment of narcotics only 4 patients with terminal cancer.Such patients can no longer be cured, they are sent home with the diagnosis.And they can get a prescription from the local therapist.Most of these patients are already bedridden, so the therapist comes to the house and there are already prescribers.Cancer patients can turn to the therapist out of turn.

then either the patient or his family attend a specialized pharmacy.For anesthetic need to submit the following documents:
- Medical prescription;
- passport of the patient;
- Proof of their relationship (if for drugs is a relative).

narcotic drugs subject to strict accounting.For a start, checked the family's well-being.According to the results determined by the frequency with which drugs can be given to: long-term or fractional.Recipient preparations writes a receipt.It is also a prerequisite - occupancy form of injections.After all injections are made, the recipient of narcotics should bring empty ampoules, which recounts the nurses.