Cough is so frequent in our lives that every mother sometimes gets confused by the huge number of funds offered by traditional medicine on the one hand and the pharmaceutical industry - on the other.How out of all varieties to find the right and most effective means?

«Mucosolvan" and "Linkus": curative effect

drug belongs to a group of mucolytics, has expectorant effect.They are used to treat infectious and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by the release of a thick, viscous sputum (tracheitis, bronchitis, tracheobronchitis, pneumonia).

the drug

main active drug substance "Lazolvanom" - ambroksol (ambroxolum).

big advantage "Linkus" is that it is based on natural ingredients.It consists of: a dry leaf extract adhatody va
scular, licorice root, extracts of violets, pepper long, hyssop leaves, roots and rhizomes of Alpinia Galang, fruit Cordier, Marshmallow, Jujube fruit, leaves onosma pritsvetkovoy and auxiliaries.They have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antitussive, antispasmodic, antibacterial, soothing, antitussive, expectorant and analgesic effect on the body.However, this advantage may be a contraindication for many people, especially children suffering from allergies and asthma in particular.In addition, in the "Linkus" includes illegal additives E 216 and E 218, provoke tumors.

release form

Method of production "Mucosolvan" are: solution for oral, inhalation and injection, tablets and syrup.Method of production "Linkus": syrup, lozenges and ointment for external use ("Linkus Balm").

With a variety of dosage forms, "Mucosolvan" compares favorably "Linkus»:
- it can be used in infants,
- drug significantly less likely to cause allergic reactions,
- it can be administered by inhalation or by injection.

huge plus "Mucosolvan" is that this tool has been used successfully for about 20 years, it increases the effectiveness of antibiotics and is highly effective for the treatment of bronchial asthma.

«Mucosolvan" and "Linkus": contraindications

In the absence of accurate data on clinical trials, "Linkus" is not recommended during pregnancy, breast-feeding women and children under 6 months.

«Mucosolvan" can be taken with caution in II-III trimester of pregnancy and lactation.However, it should not be used in the I trimester of pregnancy, kidney and liver failure, and if you are hypersensitive.


«Mucosolvan" produced by the German company "Boehringer Ingelheim" and is characterized by high European quality standards.Manufacturer
"Linkus" - Pakistan.

«Mucosolvan" and "Linkus": prices

By price criteria "Linkus" compares favorably "Mucosolvan."The average price on the Internet syrup "Linkus" 90 ml.- 110 rubles.Syrup "Mucosolvan" 100 ml.- 240 rubles.Solution "Mucosolvan" 100 ml.- 408 rubles.


«Erespal" in its action is different from "Mucosolvan" and "Linkus."It has anti-inflammatory and antibronhokonstriktornym action (helps relieve bronchial spasms).It can only be used in treatment of acute inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract in children and adults.According to clinical research allows you to quickly arrest the symptoms of SARS.

Importantly, "Erespal" is not an alternative replacement "Mucosolvan" or "Linkus", and is used along with mucolytic agents in the treatment.

According to clinical studies, the drug is highly effective, but in some cases it may adversely affect the central nervous system and cause side effects such as lethargy, drowsiness and allergic reactions.

To summarize, it should be noted that choosing one or another agent for the treatment of cough, you need to know the exact diagnosis (cough may be a sign of a variety of diseases), the nature of cough (dry or wet), as well as take into account the patient's age, comorbidities, andpropensity to allergic reactions.Only with full information, you can choose the right drug, it is best if it will make a qualified doctor, after a thorough inspection.