The category antifungal or antifungal drugs include a variety of chemical compounds that are produced by both natural and chemical origin.These drugs are divided into groups according to factors such as the chemical structure, especially the activity spectrum and clinical application in various forms of fungal nail infections.Application compartmentalized pellets of the fungus is due to the side effects of antibiotics with potent and broad spectrum of activity, which are now effectively replaced by safer antifungal drugs.
Since these drugs have some contraindications, so they prescribe and dose should only doctor.Patients undergoing treatment antifungal pills are required to strictly follow the regimen prescribed, and treatment regime
n and not to let the medication take it through these periods of time and do not stop treatment without permission of your doctor.When skipping the dose should be taken as quickly as possible, but do not double the number of pills in an effort to fill a gap in treatment.
The category of oral anti-fungal medications include such tablets as "Diflucan", "mikomaks", "Diflyuzol", "Mikoflyukan", "Mikosist" and "Nofung", the main active ingredient of which is fluconazole.Also nail fungus effectively compete on the basis of terbinafine tablets - "Binofin" "Lamisil" "Atifin", "Terbizin", "Lamikan", "Ekzifin" and "Terbiks."Popular and grizeovulfina drugs, itraconazole, ketoconazole, and - "Itramikol", "Orungal" and "Mikozoral" healing nail fungus in 95% of cases.
Antifungal drugs should be taken for 2-4 months before the full treatment of fungal infections.Modern pills stop the growth of the fungus, and their sustained action to prevent the risk of recurrence of athlete's foot - but most experts believe that the medications oral drugs must be combined with local therapy as a comprehensive treatment gives the most positive effect.