Caution "Jodomarin»

Through massive advertising, he received widespread popularity as the best therapeutic drug filling iodine deficiency.And especially it emphasizes that produce it from the concentrate of algae rich in this essential trace mineral.

Indeed, "Jodomarin" effectively compensates for iodine deficiency in adults and in children.It is taken either for prevention of disorders of the thyroid gland, or to treat them when they are diagnosed.

taking any medications should be reasonable and cautious, and iodine preparations triple because it has a surplus of more dangerous than a shortage.Unfortunately, "Jo
domarin" often prescribed indiscriminately to all pregnant women and children.This gross violation of the need for prior examination.We need to do a blood test for tireogormony and thyroid ultrasound.When iron and iodine is healthy enough to take what "Jodomarin"?

Due to the use of this drug when there is no objective need, often develop hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism and goiter.Equally dangerous errors in dosage and duration of admission "jodomarin."

particularly expensive such errors cost to pregnant women, children and the elderly.Usually this severe complication of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.And long-term use, in addition to excessive doses, can develop iodism, chronic poisoning of the body.

Occurs judgment that by "jodomarin" is better in principle to give up because his iodine ions change the structure of the cells, and they can be reborn, becoming cancerous.However, this research has not been proved yet.

Finally, "Yodormarina" unreasonably high price, even taking into account the cost of production, transportation and processing of seaweed.Take it as a rule, long time, many months, and this is not one pack of pills.

Adults Only

«Jodomarin" can replace "Yodbalansom."This medication is also from Germany.Most often it is prescribed to pregnant women, nursing mothers, as well as diffuse goiter and in order to prevent it.But it is also an expensive medicine.

In "jodomarin" contains iodine as virtually all drugs of this group, in the form of potassium iodide.So our domestic analogue is called "Potassium iodide."Neither the degree of bioavailability, or the rapidity of accumulation in the body, it is not inferior to "jodomarin" and is much cheaper.The only thing - there mikrovarianta "potassium iodide" for children.

Polish "Yodostin" - expensive, while its bioavailability below.

for adults and children

«Iodide" - another analogue "jodomarin" for patients of all ages.Also German and too expensive."Iodine Vitrum" and "Yodovital" - US pills, perhaps, the most expensive.

«antistrumin."Indications from this medicine of the ancient domestic - the same as that of the "jodomarin."But it is usually first administered at a predisposition to goiter."Antistrumin micro" give children the same purpose or to exclude recurrence of goiter after its removal.Ukrainian "Iodine Norma" - an analog of "antistrumin."

«Mikroyodid" - domestic medication without age restrictions, it is possible to give even a newborn.It is as inexpensive and effective as "Potassium iodide".

Dietary supplements

The most famous of them - "Iodine-asset" (Russia), "Vitrum Prenatal Forte" (USA, expensive multivitamin with trace elements, including potassium iodide), "BImmunal-9" (Kazakhstan,solution with an organic iodine and other trace elements).They have a common major drawback, typical for almost all food additives: an unpredictable amount of active ingredient.It is difficult and sometimes impossible to eliminate errors in the dosages.Take them doctors do not recommend.And in general, to choose or replace any iodine dangerous.