What medical glue "BF6"?

special medical glue - known antiseptic that is used at home and at play, as well as in surgery and dentistry.This yellowish liquid with a characteristic odor.Clay is an alcoholic solution comprising a synthetic resin and polyvinyl butyral resin with the addition of agents conferring drug elasticity.He quickly glues edge small wound and protect it from infection.This device works as reliably as if the surgeon stitches. Medical glue BF-6 does not interfere with the natural tissue healing well and the gradual withdrawal of the wound as it healed.

What are the benefits of medical adhesive?

protective film is formed in 3-5 minutes after application of the funds to the wound.It is held on the surface of the skin 2-3 days after which itself disappears.During this period, it retained anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect of the adhesive.Unlike bandages and patches, it does not get wet in water.This tool is ideal for people with allergic reactions to adhesive tape.And most importantly, after treatment with adhesive keeps the skin to "breathe", so that it is happening faster healing.Another important advantage of glue - it facilitates the seamless healing of tissues, and the scar usually remains.If necessary, adhesive can be applied again. not be applied to a medical adhesive partially wound suppuration, since the protective film formed by the pus will not come out from the wound, which can lead to complications.

How to use medical glue "BF6"?

Apply glue "BF6" very convenient and practical.If the damage of skin integrity is necessary, first of all, to assess the scale of the injury.If it is small and shallow, you can use medical glue.Prior to its application should be to stop the bleeding, and thoroughly clean the edges of the wound from contamination with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide.Then the wound to dry, pull the edges and apply a thin layer of glue to completely cover the wound.It also captured the small plot adjacent undamaged tissue.After drying, the adhesive bandage further is required.This tool is used in adults and children older than one year.The only contraindication - hypersensitivity to the drug.Many use it as a first aid."BF-6" - a real salvation in many cases!