Symptoms of liver congestion may make the pain in the right upper quadrant (where, in fact, is the liver), slight fever, the appearance of a bitter taste in your mouth, etc.The presence of these signs indicates that the liver is already at the limit of their capabilities.To avoid such problems also helps timely prevention, which is carried out by various drugs-hepatoprotectors.

take such medicines can regularly and without good evidence, but there are a number of reasons when their reception is required.For
example, drink hepatoprotectors full course needed:
- with antibiotics;
- when taking anti-tuberculosis projects;
- while taking oral contraceptives;
- when taking anti-tumor agents;
- while taking various painkillers.
Take hepatoprotectors needed in situations where a high risk of damage to the liver cells.For example, the administration of drugs that are able to destroy this vital organ or alcohol intake.

liver - the body and the unique capabilities of its recovery, and its functionality.It is therefore all drugs that are used for treatment and prevention, must be natural.There are three types of hepatic protectors, which are successfully used for liver: vegetable, animal, amino acids.

Hepatoprotectors vegetable

Herbal drugs - those that are made from herbs.One of the leaders of the rankings in this matter is milk thistle (thistle or ordinary).They were treated for 2,000 years.Its main advantage is the active substance silymarin, which protects liver cells from damage and helps stimulate the growth of new ones.
thistle is available in different dosage forms: tablets, powder and butter.In any form, it is equally good.The only thing is to choose the option that suit you most.

no less useful for liver artichoke.This herb is excellent cure jaundice, cholecystitis and relieves alcohol intoxication and as a result, the load on the liver.Artichoke is optionally used in the form of grass, it is a part of the known drug as "Hofitol."

There are medications complex species.For example, "Liv 52" includes in its membership extracts capers, nightshade, chicory, tamarisk, yarrow, cassia, and others. Herbs that help stimulate the recovery of liver cells, promote normalization process choleretic and improve digestion.

There are a number of other dietary supplements to help restore the liver cells and protect it from the global destruction.

Herbal drugs

herbal remedies that promote the restoration of the liver, not so much.However, they are less effective and useful than those that are made from herbs.

example, often do gepatoprotektory liver hydrolyzate of bovine or porcine liver cells.Such drugs usually help relieve the symptoms of intoxication of the liver and restore its function in the short term.Typically, they are used in relatively advanced cases - cirrhosis, hepatitis, etc.


Supplementing with amino acids has a special role in the treatment and prevention of liver diseases.It is synthesized phospholipids and other surfactants to help hold the soft affected organ detoxification and promote the regeneration of liver cells.


The first is to consult with your doctor.That he will be able to recommend the best option, which will have a positive effect on the liver.

Hepatoprotectors necessarily need to take courses and scheme.Generally the reception is carried out on the recommendation of the attending physician and the courses that he prescribes it.However, you can carry out prevention and yourself, ashepatoprotectors are dietary supplements and do not require a prescription.In this situation it is necessary to carefully read the instructions and follow the dosing and the term specified in it.

Remember that the course be sure to drink the whole, or a particular good will, and the liver will receive only a temporary respite.