Stomach pain can be caused by a number of diseases.For example, it may be gastritis with low or high acidity, gastric ulcer, cholecystitis, colitis or pancreatitis.If you exactly know the diagnosis, then find the right drugs are not present great difficulty due to the pharmacist at the pharmacy.Otherwise, you must pay close attention to the characteristics of diseases.
inflammation of the gastric mucosa, erosive lesions can occur both at low acidity of gastric juice, and elevated.Therefore, in the first place, it is necessary to determine the shape of progressive disease.Usually ulcer and gastritis have such manifestations as belching, heartburn, abdominal pain and drawing in the navel area.In this case, the most effective drugs are "Maalox", "Ranitidine
", "Gastal" "Fosfalyugel" "Omez" "Omeprazole" "Famotidine".If the drugs do not make it easier on the patient and the stomach hurts even more, you need to see a doctor, adding fitosredstv therapy, for example, St. John's wort extract and chamomile.
defeat pancreas chzachastuyu manifested in the form of encircling cutting pain in the area of ​​the left hypochondria and navel.To eliminate the discomfort requires the use of antispasmodics ("Riabal" burden-pa, "Drotaverinum") and enzyme preparations ("Creon", "Pangrol").Implicitly expressed signs make it possible to use less potent drugs, such as "Festal" or "Mezim."
presence of gallstones also often provokes slack aching pain in the upper abdomen and below the right lower ribs.Remove the pain analgesics can be particularly effective "Riabal" and "No-spa forte."If the symptoms are long-term in nature, it is necessary to use preparations for the normalization of the gallbladder - "Allohol", "Holiver", "Panzinorm", "enzistal."If bloating and flatulence well help "Espumizan", "Infacol", "Disflatila", "Gazospozama."
If, after taking the pills stomach ache, you will most likely reason for this is colitis, ieinflammation of the intestinal mucosa.Most often, it develops in the background of various infections and dysbiosis and is accompanied by violation of the chair.Most often this disease manifests itself after long-term use of antibiotics, one of the side effects of which is to change the intestinal microflora and severe stomach pains.You can help the patient with the help of drugs such as "Normase", "Dufalak", "Narine", "Hilak Forte", "Normadeks", "Bifiform."All these medicines are complex tools that combine in its composition bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, promotes natural bowel useful microorganisms move.No-spa as a painkiller is used only for very severe pain.