Interferon prescribed in the midst of a flu epidemic at risk of infection.The drug is taken up until the disease starts decline.The earlier initiated prevention of SARS and influenza, the greater the effect of the taken mer.Iz dry matter must first prepare a solution that is injected into each nasal passage of a special scheme.
Open the ampoule with drug and mix it with 2 ml of distilled water at room temperature.To facilitate the preparation of the solution to the ampoule is drawn restrictive feature by which can be measured and the necessary amount of water.Shake the contents of the bottle so that it is completely dissolved.With the technology of preparation should get a red liquid.
To prevent influenza
drip five drops of solution in each nostril.To be most effective procedure should be performed twice a day, but the interval between instillation should not be less than 6 chasov.Esli disease could not be avoided, it should use the drug for any other circuit.Dosage in this case remains the same, but the number of instillation will be 5-6 times a day.
If you use a nebulizer, enter 0.25 ml of interferon in each nostril.
The drug can also be used for inhalation.To this solution three drug vials in 10 ml of water at a temperature of 37 degrees.If the doctor does not appoint another regimen inhalations twice daily.
In viral conjunctivitis, you can dig a solution of 1-2 drops in each eye.
Ready solution in the refrigerator.Its healing properties are maintained for two days after razvedeniya.Preparat in dry form it should also be kept in the cold at a temperature of from +4 to +10 degrees.