If you take nitroglycerin tablets usual, then the appearance of pain in the chest, place 1-2 tablets medication under the tongue and wait for complete resorption.If the pain persists, take 1 more tablet in 5 minutes.If after another 5 minutes of chest pain persists, call the ambulance.
tablets and capsules prolonged action take to the dose and with such frequency, which you appointed doctor.The drug is taken before a meal without chewing, drink some water.
capsules nitroglycerin to take the usual duration of action as well as the standard of nitroglycerin tablets.The only difference is that the second capsule reception is possible in 30-40 minutes.To speed up the action of nitroglycerin in the capsule shell crush its teeth.
Nitroglycerin spray or aerosol spray under the tongue.Make 1-2 pressing the metering valve, wait 10 minutes, if the pain has subsided, repeat the procedure again.If after the second spraying the pain persists, seek medical assistance immediately.
If you take nitroglycerin in drops, then the appearance of pain Put 1-2 drops of the drug under the tongue.You can also drop 3-4 drops of medicine on a lump of sugar and put it under your tongue for sucking.
6 If you prefer film nitroglycerin for sticking to the gum, the pain in the heart of one finger push the film over the teeth or small molars of the upper jaw.The film is adhered to the mucosa, and nitroglycerin begins to be absorbed by it.
patch containing nitroglycerin, stick to the skin of the chest on the left or on the left forearm.His glue no more than 2 units a day.
If you are using nitroglycerin ointment, its amount and frequency of application of pre-selected for you by your doctor.To use the ointment squeeze from the tube strip of a certain length and rub into the skin of the left breast or left forearm.
Tablets and capsules with the usual duration of action, aerosols, sprays, drops, and the film on the gum, use the appearance of pain.They can also be applied to physical and emotional stress, usually causing a twinge.
tablets and long-acting capsules, patches and ointments used to prevent occurrence of attacks.