One of the standard methods of treatment - injections.They are used as therapeutic agents for more than 50 years.They must apply for a special dose counted after 2-3 weeks.As a rule, noticeable result is shown in a month, when hormone levels back to normal men.
How to take testosterone
For those who categorically rejects the use of injections, doctors have developed a special gel and a testosterone patch.The technology application is quite simple.Every day, in the morning the patient should apply the gel on the upper arms, shoulders and abdomen.You should try to perform this procedure occurred at about the same time each day.However, with this point ca
n be difficult.In addition, after application of the gel it appears a number of limitations: you can not go to the pool, take a bath and shower and is strictly prohibited contact with the skin of the treated area of ​​a child or a woman.In a somewhat different application of the patch.Use it like this: every day in the evening glued two patch on the upper arm, abdomen or back.In the body, they should be left for 24 hours.Such a method of treatment also has some disadvantages.They can cause discomfort and irritation to the skin in the form of redness and itching.Besides they can see very well.
And, of course, you can take testosterone around the usual dosage form - tablets.However, among the physicians, this method is considered one of the most durable and reliable enough.This is due to the fact that the action of one tablet is very short, so during the day they have to be taken several times.Another disadvantage of this method is that the digestibility and excretion of the hormone greatly affects human food consumption.In connection with this method is not always applied correctly.
How to take testosterone