Magnesia - a solution of magnesium sulfate intravenously administered with a dropper to a pregnant woman through active therapy.Feelings that arise when the procedure can not be called pleasant, but strong discomfort they cause.

Indications for

Over the years, the dropper with magnesium during pregnancy expectant mothers often prescribed.Most indications are:
- excess fluid in the body and too slow water exchange, edema on the body;
- high blood pressure;
- a genetic predisposition to thrombophlebitis or the presence of overt symptoms of the disease;
- and ostroprotekayuschih late toxicosis;
- the emergence of an epileptic syndrome and the presence of frequent seizures;
- increased tone of the uterus;
- a lack of magnesium in the body;
- general weakness and malaise, insomnia, irritability, and
poor health of the patient.

duration, during which the pregnant make drip and needed intensive care are determined strictly individually, depending on the initial condition of the patient.

Action magnesia on the body

One of the main positive effects, which has drip of magnesium in pregnancy, is the rapid reduction of high blood pressure, which is very important, even a decisive factor in the healthy flow of the process.

magnesia solution provides a slow and painless muscle relaxation, thereby reducing the tone of the uterus, and bring it back to normal.Swelling of the face and body, caused by the low water exchange, are rapidly disappearing, general health significantly improved.

Reduces the effects of nervous stress, which adversely affect the pregnancy, sleep and rest is stabilized.

Magnesia is sufficiently strong and effective medications, so it has its contraindications and possible side effects.It should not be administered in cases of allergy to the components of the drug, a stable low-pressure patient, slow pulse and heartbeat irregularities in heart rate, chronic kidney disease.

as the side effects can be observed in patients excessive sweating, high body temperature, headaches.In such cases, the dropper with a solution of magnesium eliminates or significantly decreases the drug dosage.