most innocuous sedatives - a decoction of herbs.You can give your baby to drink during the day decoction of valerian.One teaspoon per 1 liter of water.If the child does not take the taste, you can make it with tea.
in pharmacies and in children's departments are sold ready teas decoction.They are easy to use, as already packaged in the dining sets Tea bags.For example, "Grandma's basket", "soothing kids' soothing broth №3 or" Evening fairy tale. "They collected various herbs with calming effect.Try seve
ral options and pick the appropriate taste and have an effect.When
teas do not help, you can use homeopathic or chemicals.
soothing homeopathic remedies are well represented, but even better to drink with their doctor's permission.This Baby-Sed and Nervohel, Valerianahel and Nott, Rascal and Dormikind and others.Advantages of homeopathic remedies that they can drink in combination with other drugs, and they have virtually no contraindications (only the age limit and sensitivity to the drug).All of these tools can be used by us in sleep disorders, as well as increased excitability, nervousness, irritability, tearfulness.The differences consist mainly of these drugs in the age at which they can be applied.Dormikind - this is the only homeopathic remedy that can give even the babies.Nervohel, Nott and mischievous apply from 3 years Valerianahel - with two Baby-Sed - only 7 years old.
Drops "Bayu-bye" - a dietary supplement.It is composed of extracts of peppermint, hawthorn, motherwort, peony and oregano, glutamic acid and citric acid.Drops have a mild sedative effect, relieves irritability, normalize all the phases of sleep and morning activity, promote adaptation to school stress.According to the Annotated "Bayu-bye" can be used to 5 years, but sometimes doctors prescribe it, and at an earlier age.Product form drops or a spray with a dispenser.Contraindications - only idiosyncrasy components.
Moms give positive reviews about this drug.As a rule, it is given kiddies who do not sleep at night.The effect becomes noticeable on the third day.
If the child is older than 1 year, you can use drugs: glycine and valerian.By half a tablet twice a day.Be careful when giving sedatives.These occur addictive and the body ceases to respond to them.Therefore, valerian is recommended to drink courses: 1 week and three-week break.Glycine acts progressively, this acid that gradually accumulates in the body and its action delayed.There are no restrictions for its reception.But be aware that its effect is very individual.In some cases, instead of the calming effect it leads to excitation.
Synthetic drugs can be used only with a doctor's prescription.One of them - medicine Citral.It is often administered to young children.The active ingredient - citral.It has a slight sedative effect and reduce intracranial pressure.This drug is often prescribed as a sedative for children.It can be used in the first months of life.Take for 10 days.
Drops Phenibutum.According to the review posted moms online, opinion about the controversial drug.The drug is very strong.Some kiddies, he is very good.The child calms down and normalizes sleep.In some cases, there is aggression, excitability, seizures (described as a side effect in the instructions).Therefore, it must be taken strictly under the supervision of a physician.
important to know that this drug is gradually canceled, as it is addictive.A full course of treatment is 21 days.
Pantogam.This nootropic drug with a very mild effect.It normalizes sleep and helps supply the brain with oxygen.Unlike other nootropics, Pantogamum can be taken with other sedatives and tranquilizers.Take Pantogamum possible from the first days of life.For kids it comes in the form of syrup.
Magne B6 for children sold in capsules.This is a sweet syrup that children are easy to drink.The drug stimulates the nervous system and has a calming effect (improved sleep, behavior becomes calmer, increased attention).At the heart of preparata- magnesium.If the norm of its content in the body is exceeded, there are side effects: nausea and vomiting, decreased activity, lethargy, and others. Therefore, drug taking courses strictly to a certain doctor dosage.