Description drug

cyclamen or Dryavka - a perennial herb of the family Marsinovye.Distributed by the Mediterranean.In medicine, an extract of Cyclamen is used to treat sinusitis as an irritant agent.To produce droplets using tubers of cyclamen.

At home, the drops can be prepared as follows: take a nodule Forest cyclamen, rinse to rub on a small grater, squeeze the juice through cheesecloth layer 4 from the resulting slurry and diluted to 4 times more than the juice of boiled water.If the tuber dry, you can not squeeze the juice, add water and put in a day or two in the refrigerator to settle.

Instructions for use

Charm finished drops is that they have a very high concentration.At home, such a concentration is difficult to achieve.When using the first cyclamen should be dil
uted 1:20 with Hydrolat drops of eucalyptus.Eucalyptus has antiseptic properties and phytoncide and paired with cyclamen copes with nasopharyngeal diseases.However, if Hydrolat not, you can use plain water at room temperature.

Before use, check the tolerance of the resulting solution: If burn is pretty weak, you should make the solution 1:10.If the tolerance is good, use should drop at the initial concentration (juice of 1: 4 with water).

Treating sinusitis cyclamen

Use this tool for the treatment of sinusitis is necessary in the following sequence: an empty stomach every morning horizontally apply 1 - 2 drops in each nostril.Then repeat the procedure before going to bed.Lying must be 10 minutes.Dilute the solution with water or eucalyptus Hydrolat if intolerable burning nasal mucosa.After 10 minutes, you need to drink a glass of hot infusion of herbs (special charges for the treatment of respiratory infections) with honey and lemon juice, or cranberry.

at 2 to 3 day pass purulent nasal discharge.Drip should continue for 7 consecutive days.Then take a break for a week and can be repeated, but no more than three consecutive courses.Re-treatment should be started no earlier than 2 months.

During treatment drops cyclamen, including the period of breaks and even a week after the end of the 3rd year, you need a solution of sea salt (can be replaced by ordinary table) to wash the sinuses in a concentration of 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water / Hydrolat eucalyptus.Ideal rinse so that one nostril solution numb and flowed out of the second nostril.

cyclamen and drops are effective for hypertension, osteochondrosis, headaches, allergies, sciatica, because the pus that accumulates in the sinuses during sinusitis, spreads through the bloodstream throughout the body, and along with it, and medicine.

Contraindications and storage of the drug and

Pregnancy and children up to seven years.The plant is poisonous!It is necessary to take care of children and do not drip into your eyes.In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with warm water.Keep drops cyclamen can be for one year in the refrigerator.

composition of the preparation is: cyclamen forest juice (1 part), purified water (4 parts).