In some cases, help to cough lozenges

Lollipops excellent job with fits of coughing, but it does not mean that they are able to cure him.It is important to understand that these palatable candy is only an aid in the fight against cough.

This tool is intended to temporarily relieve coughing and have a light healing effect.If the cough is preventing you from sleep, or you are in transport or at a meeting, where you can not give free rein to his cough, in these cases, lollipops - your salvation.When resorption candy increased salivation and decreases sore throat, cough therefore retreats.

What should be a part of lozenges

most common cough drops are "trav├ęs" "Valium", "Doctor Mom", "Ingalipt", "Stopangin."They are all well soothe the cough, reli
eve sore throat, but still, this means buying a cough, take a look at its structure.If you want to get well soon, choose candies with zinc, which is known for its antiseptic properties.But the zinc does not taste good, so these candies should be taken with some flavor, such as lemon, which promotes active salivation.

curative effects have candy, which is composed of licorice, Shandra, mint, eucalyptus, anise.Those who long can not get rid of cough lozenges suit with sage, which contribute to the removal of phlegm.There are even licorice candies are excellent soften the throat and relieve irritation, with are inexpensive.Be careful with menthol candies.Sometimes it is too much, and after the dispersal of the feeling that the respiratory icebound.

If you have time or need to cough medicine to children, the lozenges can be made at home.There are different recipes, and you can choose the best, focusing on individual taste preferences.

Who should not use cough lozenges

in cough drops contain a lot of sugar, so they are contraindicated for people with diabetes.People prone to allergies, before eating candy should find out whether they include allergenic substances.Pregnant women should also be very cautious about the use of funds, asIt may contain substances that have a negative impact on fetal development, so before applying you need to consult a doctor.

In other cases, you must comply with the dosage indicated on the package.We should not forget that cough lozenges - it's still a drug, not candy.If they are used in large quantities, very soon there will addictive and have no effect on the will.