Tip 1: Where to put yellow card

Many believe that mustard Avicenna invented.But science is not known for certain.We can only say that this simple and effective method used by our ancestors.Of course, the appearance of yellow cards strikingly different from today's.But their therapeutic properties remain unchanged.
effect yellow cards based on the action of the essential oil of mustard.It dilates blood vessels, painkillers and warms.A medical mirozin enzyme, which is found in mustard, also has antimicrobial activity.That is why they can be used to cure many bolezney.Suschestvuet few contraindications for the use of mustard plasters.In no case can not be put on the affected skin.Mustard should not get on the wounds or scratches.It is also unacceptable to put them to people with skin disorders: eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis.Asthmatics strong scent can cause an attack.And allergies - allergies, up to angioedema.Mustard also can not be used if a sick body temperature over 37 gradusov.Nedopustimo yellow card to put on the heart, b
reast, and places where there is a mole.It could face serious problems.For colds they need to put on the chest, back (near the shoulder blades or in between), calves and feet.Read the mustard usually after 15-20 minutes, when beneath the skin is well warmed up and acquire a reddish tint.Redness can stay a few days.When migraine and pressure put mustard on his neck, just below the neck and calves.In this case, they can be kept slightly less for 5-10 minutes.Their effect removes almost any neuralgic pain.Therefore, they can be put to any painful area.For example, joints, back, forehead and temples.If the sick person is too sensitive skin, then the need to put a mustard plaster gauze bandage or a paper towel soaked in sunflower oil.After removing the mustard plaster underneath the skin should be wiped with a dry cloth and lubricate with a nourishing cream, to avoid irritation.After using them need to lie down under a warm blanket for at least half an hour.Therefore it is better to use them for the night.

Tip 2: How often can put mustard

treatment with mustard plasters are usually prescribed for pneumonia, bronchitis and neuralgia and as an analgesic.Under the effect of mustard on the skin much blood rush, dilates blood vessels and relieving pain.However, the use of yellow cards has allowed the use of the frequency range to be observed, so as not to harm the body.
How often can put mustard

use mustard plasters

Mustard allowed to bet no more than once a day, whereas the frequency of their child's application should not exceed once every two days.Also, do not use mustard longer than for four or five days.Before you put the mustard, they need to moisten with hot water at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees - otherwise yellow card loses its medicinal properties.The wet plate should be firmly pressed to the affected area and cover it with a towel, as well as hide the patient.

If the patient is too sensitive skin, a yellow card you can put a piece of porous paper.

Mustard forbidden to put at body temperature over 37 degrees, and keep the skin for longer than 15 minutes, not to burn it.After a couple of minutes after pasting a person begins to feel the heat, and then a burning sensation accompanied by reddening of the skin caused by the large influx of blood.With strong burning yellow card you must immediately remove and lubricate the skin with panthenol.After the procedure, the treated area should be wiped with a damp cloth, then dry and moisturize using cream.

Features of

Drugstore mustard is a piece of construction paper with a thin layer of mustard flour.Mustard, purchased in the store, are able to maintain their properties throughout the year, but for that they need to store - wrapped in paper and put in a cool, dry place.When using self-prepared mustard plasters for children need to observe the following rules: mix the flour with the dry mustard in a ratio of 1: 3 and put the mixture on a double layer of gauze.

Standard Time mustard plaster overlay is not more than 15 minutes, but in a troubled child's behavior it must be cut.

After removing the remnants of mustard mustard plaster compress it is necessary to remove with a damp fleece treated skin and lubricate the usual children's cream.When lung problems in children and elderly patients are not allowed to put mustard near the heart.Also, it does not recommend the use of yellow cards during pregnancy because they may adversely affect the status of women and child development.If necessary, their use must first consult a gynecologist, a leading pregnancy.