not always a danger only to the lack of vitamins in the body.Excess vitamin A and D is also undesirable.To avoid mistakes, take vitamins poly at doses that do not exceed the daily norm.The daily requirement for vitamins listed on the packaging, it is different for men and women, adults, pregnant women and children.
take multivitamin complexes during a meal with the required amount of liquid.Swallow capsule or tablet as a whole, if the package is not a word "Chewable" otherwise collapse of the vitamins in the mouth or stomach.
Remember that taking vitamins poly appropriate during the recovery period, for example, after surgery or long illness, during the diet or in addition to professional sports.
If you suffer from kidney disease, follow regimens o
f vitamins, developed by experts.It is recommended to take vitamins in the first week as written in the instructions to the packaging.Then try to increase the amount of fluid intake to 2-3 liters, along with vitamins drink herbal diuretics.Take a break for 7 days and then repeat the course.For the season allowed 4 doubles taking vitamins.
Vitamins for children are available in the form of tablets, gel or syrup.Should comply strictly with their dosage and take care that the jar was out of reach of the child where he can not reach.If you have an allergy to any vitamins , remember that your child is at risk.Give it a test dose if there is no response, follow the dosage indicated on the packaging.When the redness on the cheeks, stop taking the drug, observe the reaction of the child and consult a physician.
If you plan to replenish the family, take folic acid (0.4 mg per day) during the entire period of pregnancy, it is very useful for the organism of future mother and for the child's organism.