Normally month may be delayed by 2-6 days - in the longer term and the absence of pregnancy should visit a gynecologist who will prescribe ultrasound examination of the uterus and appropriate diagnosis medication.At constant menstrual cycle in young girls a visit to the gynecologist is a must, because the body can occur serious violations of requiring the appointment of hormonal correction, which will normalize the cycle and restore the reproductive system.
Before you start taking pills, you can try to take a hot bath, resulting in the female genital organs prilet blood.After the bath, it is desirable to have sex (if you have a steady partner), which will increase the tone of the uterus and contribute to its reduction, a
ccelerating the onset of menstruation belated.Another way is a single dose of moderately large doses of ascorbic acid (ten tablets) followed by a hot bath.If the month does not come after the above procedures, you can refer to special tablets.
buy pills "call" monthly at any pharmacy - but it should be remembered that they are often based on hormones, which can significantly harm the body.So, well established drug "Pulsatilla" - to put 6-7 tablets under the tongue and sucked them without repeating the reception.You can also try to start the process with the help of tablets "Djufaston" taking 1 pill 2 times per day for 5 days.
good effect and the drug "Postinor" single dose which causes the month a few days after consuming the tablets.If menstruation is delayed for a week, you can take the "Mifegin" or drug "Non-ovlon", which is drunk 2 tablets in 12 hours.As well regulate the menstrual cycle, any birth control pills due to which monthly begin strictly the same day of the month.However, all of these drugs should be drunk after consulting a gynecologist.