children cough syrups

Syrup "Erespal" helps with painful cough in children, relieves spasms laryngitis and tracheitis.The present composition fenspiride hydrochloride, licorice root extract and excipients and flavors.Allergic reactions occur when taking common but are rarely serious.

«Sinekod" is made in the form of drops and syrups.Take the drug can be from an early age, but a consultation with a doctor is required.As part of the listed butamirata that inhibits cough by acting on certain areas of the brain.Take tool can be no more than 7 days or until sputum discharge.

expectorant syrup "Gerbion" has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.The drug is made from natural ingredients: extracts of mallow and plantain.The syrup is indicated for children from the age of two,
if there is no hypersensitivity to fructose.

«Mucosolvan" - a reliable product that contains ambroxol.Without syrup and sugar alcohol, so allergic reactions when applied minimized.Despite this, the receiving means, and especially to give his children better, after consultation with the doctor.

German Syrup "Gedeliks" - herbal preparation, in which there is an extract of ivy.The product does not contain dyes, pleasant taste, does not cause allergic reactions in the overwhelming number of patients.It helps with prolonged cough with viscous sputum.

«Dr. Theiss - DR.THEISS »helps to get rid of the cough that is accompanied by bad outgoing sputum.As part of the available extracts of plantain, chamomile, mint, lemon balm and other plant components.It is recommended for children older than one year and adults.

Self-medication is dangerous!

treat children, focusing on the tips on the Internet, or experience the familiar, at least, dangerous.Before you give any syrups, you need to find out the cause of cough, blood tests and visit the pediatrician.

No cough syrup will not help in pneumonia, which will only make progress without therapy.If there is a strong addition to cough fever, pale skin, do not go to the pharmacy and call an ambulance or doctor at home.

Remember that when taking any syrup may have allergic reactions immediate type, which often lead to death if the ambulance does not have time to deliver the patient to the hospital.Do not risk the health of their children, saving time for the visit to the doctor.