Tip 1: How to use propolis

Propolis is a natural product that has tremendous antimicrobial power.The composition of propolis includes a lot of vitamins and minerals that protect our body against many diseases and external negative factors.No wonder there are legends about the healing properties of propolis, it treats inflammation in the esophagus and intestines, improves eyesight, memory and mood, strengthens the nervous system, helps with bedsores, burns and eczema.And that's not the whole list of wonderful properties of propolis can talk for hours on end.
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combination of milk with propolis gives a special effect, in addition to restorative actions and treatment of lung and colds, improves sleep and overall well-being, calms the mind.To prepare the milk of propolis pour 500 ml of milk in an enamel bowl and place on low heat, bring to a boil.In a saucepan with the milk, add 50 g of crushed propolis and stir constantly with a wooden spoon for 10 minutes.Strain the resulting mixture thr
ough a sieve or cheesecloth and leave to cool.Then remove the resulting layer of wax and pour the milk into a bottle of dark glass.Take one dessert spoon for 15-20 minutes before a meal in preventive and restorative purposes as well as for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
eye diseases - cataract, propolis helps to restore the transparency of the lens.But it is impossible to cure cataracts formed, so you need to start prevention.For this it is necessary to prepare an aqueous solution of propolis to be instilled daily 3-4 times a day by one drop to each eye.To prepare an aqueous solution in the flask propolis pour 100 ml of distilled or boiled water, the temperature of which should be 50 degrees.Add 10 g of crushed propolis in advance, cover and leave for the day.Strain to give a clear liquid yellow-green with a rather pleasant smell.The course instillation of an aqueous solution of propolis in the eye - 6-12 months.
For the treatment of venous ulcers, burns, wounds, fungal skin diseases, neurodermatitis and gynecology propolisnoe use butter and cream.To prepare the oil, take 5 grams of propolis and chop and add to the bowl, fill it with 100 grams of olive oil.Place a container with oil and propolis in a water bath to boil for 20 minutes.Then gently stir butter with a wooden spoon and leave to infuse for a day.Strain and pour into a glass container, and store in a cool dark place.

Tip 2: How to use propolis

bee glue, commonly known as propolis , contains a lot of biologically active ingredients and has antibacterial properties.Use it to treat many diseases, both internal and skin.
How to use propolis
With and propolis can cure inflammation, improve eyesight and memory, calm the nervous system, as well as get rid of boils and burns.That is why even those doctors who are skeptical about the recipes of traditional medicine, it is recommended to use the funds from and propolis.
Boil a liter of milk and add chopped propolis at 100 grams.Stir the mixture for about ten minutes, after which strain it through several layers of cheesecloth.The layer of wax formed on the surface of the milk in the preparation means to remove.Drink a tablespoon of tincture three times daily after meals.This tool is very good for bronchopulmonary diseases (bronchitis, asthma), and calms nerves and removes depression.
Chop 100g propolis well and add to it half a liter of alcohol.Pour mixture into a dark glass bottle and close the cap.After two weeks, the tincture is ready.Strain and stir it before use.Put a spoon in 40 drops of this remedy, but just do not swallow.Wait mouth accumulate enough saliva.Slowly swallow a tincture, then refrain for a half hour of the meal.This recipe is very effective with angina and sore throat caused by a viral illness.
Wet gauze in alcohol tincture of propolis well and attach it to run up the wound.Propolis is excellent pulling pus, causing inflammation of the leaves, and the wound will be tightened.
Mix a tablespoon of liqueur with 50 ml of water.With a cold instill 2-3 drops in each nostril funds.It will facilitate nasal breathing and accelerate recovery.
Heat 20 g of lanolin and 70 g of petroleum jelly in a small enamel saucepan.Add to 15 g of propolis and then warm the mixture for 10 minutes.Strain the means through several layers of cheesecloth and let it thicken.The resulting funds are used to treat hemorrhoids, burns and abscesses.
In the old days propolis used for colds, pustular skin lesions, in some diseases of the muscles and joints.In Russia, a lot of propolis is written in old Russian medical manual - it was called bee glue, UzA, tar, used in the treatment of eczema, wounds, fungal diseases.
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For external use propolis treat bedsores, ulcers, inflamed thrombophlebitis, burns, used for colds and diseases of the eye.For six weeks receiving the most efficient use of propolis dissolved in milk.This is especially true in case of intolerance of alcohol tinctures of elderly patients and children.
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