you need
  • - royal jelly;
  • - medical alcohol 70-90% ethyl;
  • - honey.
Royal Milk is a perishable product that requires swift action to its preservation.An hour after being removed from the hive, it spoils - yellow and lose their unique properties.Apply several ways to save it.
At home, the filtered milk collected in a bottle of dark glass with a capacity of 50-100 grams.Filled to the top of the container to make it vacuum, placed in a refrigerator at a temperature no higher than -2 x-degrees Celsius.Shelf life at such a temperature range - up to 6 months.Deep Freeze to -20 degrees Celsius to s
tore milk to 18 months.
can also save milk with honey in the ratio of 1: 100 at a temperature no higher than 10 degrees Celsius and in a dark place.
no less effective way of saving in the home - is preparing alcohol emulsion of 10 grams of freshly collected milk and 90 ml of medical alcohol 70-90% strength.The finished emulsion is stored in a cool dark place.
to facilitate dosing reception and ensure packaging integrity, many beekeepers milk packed in disposable syringes.Such container - the perfect container, which makes it possible to maintain the vacuum.It should not be open, so that the product remains sterile.
The pharmaceutical industry used dehydrated milk.It does not change the properties and biological activity that allows you to Remember and to transport it.First milk is frozen at a temperature of 35-40 degrees Celsius for two hours, more sublimated under vacuum for 48 hours.The resulting powder, 1-2% moisture, hygroscopic and retains all the properties of the components.
Another option conservation of natural milk - adsorption.Pounded with an adsorbent milk at a ratio of 4: 1 is dried in a vacuum oven without heating.As the adsorbents used a mixture of lactose (97-98%), glucose (2-3%).The adsorbed milk - "Apilak", with similar properties to the freshly picked.It maintains its quality for several years.