When inhalation active substances are sprayed in the nasopharynx, affecting the mucous membrane that provides the most rapid absorption, and hence the expression of the therapeutic effect.However, as in the case of any other apparatus, the use of the inhaler has its limits and contraindications.

Steam Inhaler

Traditional steam inhalers based on the inhalation of medicinal plants can cause increased body temperature, which makes their use highly undesirable if the patient has a high temperature. sharp increase in body temperature can adversely affect the defense mechanisms of the human body, therefore, in the treatment of colds is better to avoid practices that contribut
e to its further increase.

inhalation at body temperature more than 37,5oS can do more harm than good.

exception can be made for the local device acting only on the nose and throat.In this case, the impact of hot steam to increase the general body temperature will be minimal, but the final decision should take your doctor.

especially prudent to approach the treatment of the child, as they have underdeveloped immune system and more delicate mucous membranes.

inhalation nebulizer

Nebulizer - is a special device that sprays the throat cloud of tiny drug particles to the direct effects on the respiratory system.Unlike steam inhaler, nebulizer has no effect on body temperature and, therefore, can be used at high temperature.

However, this applies only to those devices that use the sputtering method without heating.Modern devices, combines the advantages of steam and ultrasonic propagation of drugs at an elevated temperature and can not be used.

Do not forget that there are other rules for the use of inhalers, they must also be followed to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect. not eat for an hour before the inhalation, take the exact dosage, and the alternation of drugs during the procedure breathe slowly and deeply.

contraindications to the use of any inhalation, including a nebulizer are nasal bleeding, and respiratory and cardiovascular failure.

As used medicinal solutions, it is best for colds and flu are suitable saline, mineral water, a decoction of sage and chamomile.