When administered sintomitsinovoy candles

sintomitsinovoy candles appointed in inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system bacterial nature, especially in vaginitis and cervicitis.Preparation penalized protein synthesis in the cell of microorganism.Thanks to the good lipophilicity sintomitsina easily overcomes bacterial cell membrane and inhibits the movement of amino acids in peptide chains.

Application sintomitsinovoy candles

Before using this drug the patient should pass bacteriological seeding swab from the vagina to determine sensitivity to antibiotics.If the pathogen would be sensitive to sintomitsina, the treatment will bring a positive result.

This medication is not used for thrush because they do not possess antifungal activity.

important to remember tha
t sintomitsinovoy candles - it is an antibiotic, which means that they can disrupt vaginal flora and the development of thrush.After the treatment may need to restore microflora.

Doctors recommend the use of candles sintomitsinovoy for 7-10 days.Adult woman in a day is necessary to put a suppository 2-3, adolescent girls - 1-2.It is necessary to inject the drug into the vagina as far as possible, in the supine position.
5 days after the application assesses the effectiveness of treatment.

In gynecology these candles are used not only as a therapeutic agent.Also, it is administered for prophylaxis, usually before and after installation of an intrauterine device before hysterography before diathermocoagulation cervix before or abortion.Sometimes sintomitsina prescribed to prevent the development of inflammation and avoid the appearance of purulent infections.


drug is not indicated for women with high sensitivity to its components.He also denied patients with renal or hepatic insufficiency, lack of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and acute intermittent porphyria.Prior to the age of puberty can not use candles.

sintomitsina not apply during pregnancy.It may cause side effects such as the inhibition of blood and indigestion.Before applying sintomitsinovoy candles must always consult with your doctor.