lidocaine and procaine.What's the best pain reliever?

To determine which of the funds, procaine or lidocaine, strong painkillers, you need to understand the concepts.Lidocaine is a local anesthetic called powerful, which is used for local anesthesia in dentistry, ophthalmology, otolaryngology.The effect of analgesia in this medium is much higher than that of novocaine.Apply lidocaine for local anesthesia only.This substance is very toxic.Therefore, doctors use in their profession this drug very carefully.Procaine - a drug with moderate anesthetic activity.It is used in medicine for local anesthesia.But unlike lidocaine, the effect is short-lived nature of novocaine.Most often used in dentistry procaine, urology, and surgery.After absorption into the blood Novocain has anti-inflam
matory, anelgeziruyuschim, detoxifying effect.Novocaine relieves spasms of smooth muscles and reduces the excitability of the heart muscle.

the difference between lidocaine and novocaine

lidocaine and procaine are very similar in chemical structure.Both substances are used for local anesthesia.Both groups of local anesthetics (Aida and esters) consist of a hydrophobic aromatic group, the intermediate ester or amide chain hydrophilic secondary or tertiary amino groups.Type the intermediate circuit has an effect on the duration of drug action.Because drugs and fall depending on the application to esters and amides.Novocaine enters the group of esters and lidocaine - group in amides.Hence, the differences are taken.Esters are unstable in solution and are rapidly hydrolyzed upon administration (starting material decomposition by water).The hydrolysis products can cause allergic reactions in humans.Amida is relatively stable and are broken down slowly.An allergic reaction to amides observed much less frequently.A small portion of anesthetics, whether though lidocaine, procaine though, excreted in the urine.All the rest is broken down in the body and excreted out.Specialist must correctly calculate the dosage of anesthetic.In case of overdose, the person may experience seizures, apnea, and sometimes even coma.

General conclusions

Lidocaine - an effective topical anesthetic.Novocaine - a drug with moderate anesthetic activity.Lidocaine refers to the group of amides and procaine - to the group of esters.Lidokoin belongs to the category of highly toxic drugs.Novocaine is less toxic.