Saline - isotonic solution, widely used in medicine for inhalation, breeding of other drugs for injection and more.Lack of sodium chloride in the body fraught with unpleasant consequences.Saline and easy to prepare at home.

composition and the process of obtaining funds

Saline solution is a 0.9% aqueous sodium chloride (NaCl).To make it uses several different types of salts.With each successive introduced only in the complete dissolution of the previous one.To avoid precipitate of sodium bicarbonate by carbon dioxide gas is passed.The last ingredient is added to the composition is glucose - it is administered before the application.To prepare an isotonic solution using distilled water only.All the processes for mixing the salts are made using glass containers, since numerous studies it was found that metals negatively af
fect the vital functions of tissues.


Saline is very widely used for medical purposes as a detoxifying agent - a drug that helps the body in the correct state of dehydration.With saline diluted other drugs, and although it can not be used as a substitute for blood, without him it would be impossible to carry out emergency resuscitation.Saline is indispensable to rinse contact lenses.Use it as a lotion contributes to a better allocation of pus and decontamination.In

body primarily sodium chloride contained in plasma contains some amount intercellular fluid.It is a substance responsible for the plasma pressure and the fluid surrounding the cells.As a rule, the required amount of sodium chloride enters the body through food.Rarely observed the lack of it on the background of uncontrollable vomiting or diarrhea, extensive burns, hypofunction of the adrenal cortex and other pathologies.Reducing the concentration of sodium chloride results in blood clots, which creates prerequisites for the development of various ailments.Prolonged deficiency develops in the muscles spasm, skeletal muscle begins frantically to decline, there is a failure in the work of all organs and systems, especially the nervous and cardiovascular.

Thus, we can conclude that the role of saline in a person's life is huge.It has virtually no contraindications, it is used with caution in case of serious violations of the kidney and blood pressure problems.