What hepatoprotectors

hepatoprotectors called drugs that are designed to protect the liver from the negative impact of various factors that destroy the liver.For this kind of medicines, doctors are different.Some consider them useless and even harmful.Others are convinced that they can be used to adjust the work of this important body.

Modern hepatoprotectors are high-quality and effective medicines that allow vosstanvit protective functions of the liver and cleanse it of toxins.However, it should be borne in mind that self-prescribe these drugs can not.Especially because some of them are only dietary supplements that treat liver disease is impossible.

What hepatoprotectors have

Doctors divide all available hepatoprotectors into 2 gr
oups: synthetic and vegetable.The first laboratory-derived.These include essential phospholipids, amino acids, antioxidants, lipotropics, cysteine, ornithine.Vegetable - those that are based on extracts of herbs (milk thistle, artichoke) or hydrolysis of the compound of the cattle, which are similar to human cells in their structure.

To the best hepatoprotectors today include "Phosphogliv", "Ursosan", "Antral", "Rezalyut Pro", "Gepatosol."

«Phosphogliv" - a product based on natural raw materials.It was designed as an improved analog of the drug "Essentiale".This drug has anti-viral, immune-stimulating and antioxidant properties.It is due to the complex effects and provides a hepatoprotective effect.This drug restores the structure of the membrane envelope of the liver cells, by which it again becomes holistic.

drug "Ursosan" helps protect against the harmful effects of liver cells, stabilizes the membrane, improves the functioning of the body and extends the work of the liver.The product eliminates the stagnation of bile in the liver and can even dissolve cholesterol stones."Ursosan" take to treat gallstones, different types of hepatitis, cholestasis, biliary dyskinesia, etc.

«Antral" - another type hepatoprotector, which is widely used in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver.Its effects on the human body include: reduced asthenovegetative violations, reduced diarrhea symptoms.While receiving this drug improves the appetite.The analysis also there is a change for the better.Thus, decreasing bilirubin, cholesterol lowering, etc.

Another effective remedy - "Rezalyut Pro".Such a preparation accelerates the regeneration of liver cells and stabilize the cell membrane by inhibition of the oxidation of lipids and suppress the synthesis of collagen in the liver.

«Gepatosol" - a drug that has no analogues.It is made on the basis of herbs, which is considered one of the ideal means of treating liver thistle.This drug helps in the treatment perfectly not only the liver, but the biliary tract.And its effect due to the presence of a number of active ingredients in the composition means.

Hepatoprotectors also widely used not only for the prevention of various diseases of the liver, but also for the treatment of pathologies such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, cancer, etc.

Take hepatoprotectors should be strictly according to the scheme.Even if we are talking about ordinary Badakhshan.After all, they are designed for a specific action in compliance with the rules and dosage.