¬ęGedeliks" consists of natural ingredients than gained great popularity among people who prefer to be treated folk remedies.He was not as effective as expectorant herbs (thyme, licorice, anise, marshmallow root), but, unlike them, does not require pre-cooking.The active component of the drug are ivy leaves, which reduce the cough and makes breathing easier.One of the few contraindications to treatment gedeliksom is the idiosyncrasy of the drug, which can manifest itself in the form of allergies.The drug is available in the form of a syrup and drops.
Syrup "Gedeliks" can be used at any age, but under 10 years should drink it in a diluted form.Using the scoop, which is in each package, metered dose of medication needed and after taking food inside.Babies under one year "Gedeliks" is assigned to no more
than once a day in an amount of 2.5 ml.Mix the syrup with a small amount of water and using a syringe without needle enter his cheek infant.The baby swallows reflexively lekarstvo.V aged one to three years' Gedeliks "is assigned at the same dosage, but at night you must give medicine trizhdy.S 4 to 10 years of taking the drug daily amount is increased to four.A single dose is the same - half scoop or 2.5 ml.S 10 years old syrup can not be diluted with water.Adults and adolescents is shown receiving "Gedeliksa" three times a day one measuring spoon (5 ml).
¬ęGedeliks" in droplets is also taken after a meal.But, unlike the syrup drops are not appointed under the age of two years.For the effect of the treatment is necessary to drink "Gedeliks" three times a day.At the age of 2-4 years - 16 drops at a time, in 4-10 years - a drop of 21, teenagers and adults - a drop of 31 at a time.
Take "Gedeliks" at least a week.To consolidate the effect after recovery should not discontinue therapy for another two or three days.During treatment, drink as much of warm liquids.