1 trimester - the most important and complex throughout pregnancy.It was at this time is the formation of all systems and organs of the fetus.It is therefore essential that women receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
most needed in 1 trimester are the B vitamins and folic acid.B vitamins are necessary for the proper formation and development of the fetal nervous system, reduce the symptoms of toxicity and regulate metabolism in women.They contain in meat, dairy products, bread from wheat flour, otrubyah.Pri their lack can develop heart disease, hydrocephalus in a child, the mother - toxicosis.
Folic acid is necessary for normal development of the fetal spine, his brain and spinal cord.With the shortage may occur defects of developmen
Vitamin A is necessary for the proper development of the body, the genitourinary system.Found in large quantities in beef liver, yaytsah.V as beta - carotene (provitamin A) in carrots, spinach, parsley, sea buckthorn.
Vitamin D and calcium are necessary for the proper development of bones of the fetus.Calcium is found in fish, dairy products, green vegetables and fruits.Vitamin D in egg yolk, butter, cod liver oil, quickly produced in the body by exposure to the sun.With its lack skeleton is formed properly and develops rickets.
Vitamin E is many times reduces the risk of miscarriage, which rises to the end of the 1st trimester.Contained in peas, wheat germ, unrefined vegetable oils.
Iron is essential for the prevention of anemia in pregnant women, the proper formation of the blood and immune system of the fetus.Found in liver, meat, turkey, beef, fish.
Vitamin C is needed for the formation of cartilage and bone tissue, improves the immune system.Contained in green, berries, citrus fruits.Iodine is necessary for good thyroid function of pregnant women.Usually it is not part of vitamins, it is prescribed separately.
But no matter how complete and balanced do not eat a pregnant woman, in the present conditions it is impossible to get enough vitamins and minerals from food alone.Therefore, the developed modern vitamin - mineral complexes, due to which a woman's body will get all the necessary components.
All prenatal vitamins are virtually identical structure, the only difference in the doses.Eleven pronatal contains all the essential minerals and vitamins, as well as an increased amount of magnesium, so they recommend the threat of miscarriage.
Alphabet: Plus, this complex is that the vitamins in it separated into different tablet that makes it easy to eliminate any vitamin when it is unnecessary or allergies.
Vitrum prenatal: these vitamins contain high amounts of iron, which is good for pregnant women with anemia.
Centrum Materna: contain very large amounts of vitamin A, so it is better to accept only on prescription.
Complivit Mom: lack that vitamins A, D and B group it is below normal.Plus the fact that they are suitable for women who feel that they are getting enough vitamins from food.Now available vitamins komplivit trimestrum 1, 2 and trimestrum trimestrum 3. They improved the content of just those vitamins that are needed in this period of pregnancy.
Multitabs prenatal: ideal for women with normal pregnancy, contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals in reasonable doses.
better to take vitamins for pregnant women by a doctor, taking into account the state of health and the need to improve the content of a component.