method of termination of pregnancy by using an alcohol solution of iodine is actively practiced by teenagers because it was cheaper drug, the fear of a visit to the gynecologist and the apparent harmlessness.Man still needs iodine, they say, and so much harm will occur.The alcoholic solution of iodine really are inside, but only a few diseases and under the special scheme, patients are in front of this full examination, and potential harm of iodine is much lower than the damage from the disease.

menstrual cycle is very unstable adolescents and early sexual life, like every sexual act is stress.For this reason, the monthly do not come on time, the girl thinks pregnant, decides to have a drink with milk iodine, comes a sense of peace,
and after him, and menstruation.In fact, there was no pregnancy, pregnancy tests are very few people do, but because iodine to start drinking milk in advance.

Action alcoholic solution of iodine in the body

Higher doses of iodine really harmful to the fetus, but only enough to slow down its development.There may be flaws, including incompatible with life.In rare cases when the pregnancy freezes fertilized egg is in the uterus, but not out of it, which can lead to pelvioperitonitu end and removal of the uterus, and in extreme cases, lead to death.If adopted by the dose of iodine is so high that began spontaneous miscarriage, the bleeding will be abundant and ongoing.The girl still have to seek medical help. preparations for external use can not be taken orally.In particular, the alcohol solution of iodine is highly toxic.

Receive an alcoholic solution of iodine can cause burns of the oral mucosa, esophagus, stomach, up to necrosis.Changes in the thyroid, including delayed-, also occur frequently.Temperature increase, nervousness, insomnia, sweating, restlessness and increased appetite are observed in all who received iodine inside.These symptoms are not dangerous and a few days pass.

What if I delay menstruation

If you suspect that you are pregnant, you should buy a pregnancy test at the pharmacy, it is effective from the first day of delay.In the event that took place to be unprotected sexual intercourse, you should use hormonal contraceptives, which are effective for 72 hours. After sexual intercourse, and are called post-coital.Minors are encouraged to take non-hormonal drugs for emergency contraception, they are effective for 120 hours. After sexual intercourse.Minors can see a gynecologist for medical assistance, including minors over 15 years old have an abortion can be performed by vacuum aspiration without notifying parents.If you are denied medical care, you need to call the insurance company. important to know that forced abortion can only be made if there is a girl of 14 years.At that age it is a necessary agreement.

In addition, each has a women's clinic gynecologist who works with juvenile patients, it can help you find an effective method of contraception and how to use a barrier contraceptive.