Side effects tetanus injection

In most countries, including in Russia, carried out routine vaccination against tetanus.Generally, vaccination against this disease is done with the injection of diphtheria.In addition, the emergency use single vaccines.Experts say that one hundred percent protection from tetanus does not provide any of these vaccines.It is important to know about the possible side effects of tetanus injection.Most often it appears after a slight fever.Sometimes, there is lethargy, severe weakness, malaise.At the injection site appears characteristic seal.All these negative phenomena are rapidly.

In some cases, an injection tetanus can result in side effects such as rhinitis.A person may experience other symptoms characteristic of colds.There have been sightings of a strong cough paroxysmal
character.Perhaps the development of serum sickness - allergic disease that causes fever, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes.Observed hemorrhage, thrombosis, swelling, itching, sweating, headache, chills, nausea, vomiting.The illness lasts from a few days to 2-3 weeks.

most serious complications of vaccination against tetanus

most serious side effect is considered neurological reactions (convulsions).They are very rare, but the physician should warn the patient prior to vaccination.Also, in rare cases, anaphylactic shock - a serious, life-threatening pathological condition, which relates to the immediate allergic reaction.When this condition occurs spasm of the muscles of internal organs, blood pressure drop, the person loses consciousness.Given the possibility of occurrence of these side effects when administered tetanus toxoid, the physician must provide medical monitoring of the patient for an hour after the injection.

Severe complications from tetanus injection is usually observed in non-compliance with the schedule of routine vaccination, as well as the use of poor quality vaccines, in violation of its storage.The vaccine against tetanus made under the shoulder blade, as a rule, at this point there is a noticeable swelling.To it it is recommended to apply a sterile bandage with ointment "Levomekol."You can seal a place bactericidal plaster.Also, when possible discomfort after vaccination may be given Allergy medications, such as "Suprastin."Thrust against tetanus is contraindicated in pregnancy, it can be done only for the purpose of emergency prevention.Instead of a vaccine in this case, a woman can insert immunoglobulin.