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If there were headaches, unstable mood, insomnia, anxiety for no reason, irritability, decreased performance, appetite, it is the first signs that the nervous system needs help.These factors, if no action is taken, lead to a nervous breakdown and the emergence of diseases of the nervous system.

course, fully protect themselves from stress is impossible, but you must learn to the maximum strengthens the nervous system, relax and try to avoid undesirable situations.

to diseases of the nervous system include: pinched nerves, headaches chronic nature, inflammation of the nerves, chronic fatigue, irritability, depression, all kinds of neuroses.Currently, there is no all-powerful medication that would help immediately, once and for all.Exc
ellent results are obtained by complex therapy, which includes, inter alia, treatment of opportunistic diseases.In addition, great attention is paid to sport, physical work, rest, creating a favorable psychological atmosphere.


Among the medicines for the nervous system should highlight sedatives.Such sedative medications that effectively soothe the nervous system, as a rule, are of vegetable origin.They help to easier to carry stress and relieve emotional stress.Thus, among the most popular natural medicinal products should be made a tincture of peony, motherwort herb, valerian.Combined sedation, for example, the "Persians" or "New Pass" also show good results in neurasthenia, insomnia and irritability.

The funds for the nervous system, of course, reduce the impact of specific stress on the body, but do not rely solely on them.Perhaps it makes sense to pay attention to the adaptogens.This special drugs, which can increase the body's resistance to any unpleasant effects of environmental stress.Tincture of ginseng and Eleutherococcus tincture - best known adaptogens.

infusions devil's high, aralia, magnolia vine levzei and have a good tonic effect on the nervous system.

Please note that prior to use drugs to calm the nervous system is necessary to consult with your doctor.These drugs have a number of contraindications.Many of the drugs should not be used in diseases of the colon, stomach, kidney, liver, cardiovascular diseases.